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ODROID-H2+: The New And Enhanced X86 Platform

The ODROID-H2 is back, this time in a slightly upgraded form - named aptly, the ODROID-H2+! Accordingly the board revision code is REV-B+ (while the previous production batch was REV-B). We announced the original ODROID-H2 back in November 2018, as a new generation of single board computer (SBC) - an  ▶

Notice to All ODROID Magazine Readers

The ODROID Magazine team is current on hiatus. An abridged, interim Community Edition is available as of June 2020, supported by volunteers, in order to maintain continuity during the break. If you would like to submit an article for the Community Edition, click here to review our submission guidelines. Your best source of ODROID-related information in the meantime will be the ODROID Forums at, which will not be affected by the ODROID Magazine hiatus.

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