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  • Virtualization Keystone


    This is a step-by-step guide for enabling KVM on an ODROID-XU4. This guide is only available in u-boot odroidxu4-v2017.05 and Linux kernel 4.9.x versions.  ▶

  • Deploying Stack Swarm

    My ODROID-C2 Docker Swarm – Part 2: Deploying a Stack to a Swarm

    Docker 1.13.x introduced the new Docker stack deployment feature to allow deployment of a complete application stack to the swarm. A stack is a collection of services that make up an application. This new feature automatically deploys multiple services that are linked to each other obviating the need to define each one separately.  ▶

  • ODROID Magazine VUShell

    Linux Gaming: Mobile Entertainment System

    I saw an opportunity to create my own mobile entertainment system using a few components available through Hardkernel. This project is rather easy and well-suited for beginners, even children.  ▶

  • ODROID Magazine ArchLinux With Full Disk Encryption Dropbear ssh

    How to Install ArchLinux With Full Disk Encryption on an ODROID-C2

    Full Disk Encryption (FDE) protects our data against unauthorised access in case someone gains physical access to the storage media. In this article, I will describe how to install ArchLinux with Full Disk Encryption on ODROID-C2. The encryption method is LUKS with XTS key-size 512 bit (AES-256).  ▶