Meet an ODROIDian - Dongjin Kim
Meet an ODROIDian

Meet An ODROIDAN: Dongjin Kim

Please tell us a little about yourself. I am an embedded software engineer and have been involved in many different commercial projects since 1994. Currently, I am developing the software for a mobile device runs on the ARM processor and mainly working on a device driver or a HAL/framework layer.  ▶

Meet an ODROIDian

Meet An ODROIDian: Ernst Mayer, Mathematician Extraordinaire

I’ve been living and working in Silicon Valley for roughly the last 20 years, doing algorithmic and coding work first for several tech startups and then for larger firms. Most of that work was related to EDA software for chip design. Last year, the 4-5 months after buying my C2 were spent doing heavy-duty inline-assembly coding, debug and performance tuning.  ▶