January 2018 (Dashboard)

We are celebrating our fifth year of ODROID Magazine this month, and are very happy to continue providing tutorials, projects, and gaming reviews for the ODROID community.  This month, we feature an article on how to create a custom dashboard for Home Assistant using Python.  Hardkernel also announced a new  ▶


December 2017 (Bluetooth)

This month, our feature article shows you how to create a hands-free Bluetooth connection with your iPhone for use in the car. We also introduce Hardkernel’s latest audio device, the Stereo Boom Bonnet, and present a sound engineering project on how to improve the sound of any speaker with a  ▶


November 2017 (LineageOS)

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Cyanogenmod, which is no longer being supported, it has a new successor:  LineageOS.  Our feature article describes how to get LineageOS running on your ODROID with step-by-step compilation instructions.  We also feature several tinkering projects, such as adding a power on/off button to  ▶

ODROID Magazine October 2017

October 2017 (Multimedia Home Server)

This month, we concentrate on home server and high performance computing solutions using the new ODROID-MC1 and ODROID-HC1. OpenMediaVault is a way to securely share files across the Internet so that you can access them from your smartphone or remotely from anywhere in the world. Docker Swarm mode allows multiple  ▶

ODROID Magazine in HTML

September 2017 (ODROID-HC1)

We have transitioned to an HTML version of the magazine, which has quite a few improvements over the PDF version: Mobile friendly Comments for each article Code blocks are no longer inappropriately hyphenated Google searches will bring up individual articles Categories and tags make it easy to find groups of  ▶