Implementing GPIO IRQ Handlers: Using Python 3 To Control RPi.GPIO

This code and guide are intended to demonstrate GPIO IRQ handling on the ODROID-C1+/C2/XU4/N2. The guide was adapted from the ODROID wiki page at https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-xu4/application_note/gpio/rpi.gpio_irq. We can simply implement GPIO IRQ handler with Python 2/3. In this guide, we will use Python 3 for programming the handler. Before getting started,  ▶


CoreELEC: For the ODROID-N2

Kodi has for years been one of the most popular media players and is often recommended when people ask for which multimedia solution to choose as it is available for multiple operating systems and a huge spectrum of devices. The majority of low-cost devices which are bought for the purpose  ▶


Mobile Workstation: Using An ODROID-N2 To Create A Full-Featured Computing Experience

Because I somehow managed to lose my BIOS password and lock myself out, I had to part with my old and beloved laptop, the one running Debian, but instead of just jumping to the latest Thinkpad, I wanted to see if I could somehow mix those cravings mentioned above: a deconstructed “mobile” ARM-based workstation where I could choose all the parts, without solder or duct-tape, just off-the-shelf components. Let's look at it!  ▶


Multi-booting on ODROID-N2: Add The Ability to Select Multiple Operating Systems From A Single Disk

There have been many demands to manage multiple OS and many SBC users had tried to run multiple OS installed in eMMC, uSD and USB storage and, as such, instructions were introduced with a script or Linux commands, as well. Many users succeeded with it but the instructions are not simple for users who are not familiar with the Linux system. We want to help new users who wish to use two OS but having trouble to set up multiple OS environments.  ▶


Linux Gaming on ODROID: Box86 - Part 2

About a year ago, I wrote about box86, an i386 emulator for ARM developed by @ptitSeb, who is also responsible for the awesome gl4es wrapper for OpenGL → OpenGL ES. While the original look at it a year ago was already impressive, I want to look at it again, and  ▶