ODROID-H2+: The New And Enhanced X86 Platform

The ODROID-H2 is back, this time in a slightly upgraded form - named aptly, the ODROID-H2+! Accordingly the board revision code is REV-B+ (while the previous production batch was REV-B).

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We announced the original ODROID-H2 back in November 2018, as a new generation of single board computer (SBC) - an x86 device. Despite its success we could not ship enough of them to satisfy the demand, caused due to the supply shortage of the Intel Gemini Lake J4105 CPU.

Fortunately, early this year, Intel started offering a slightly upgraded CPU, the Celeron J4115 for small manufacturers like us. We therefore expect that most of the existing parts supply problems will be resolved. Some specs can be found at https://bit.ly/2BXZHTb.

In addition to the CPU upgrade, we incorporated an enhanced Ethernet controller and RJ45 jacks, to support a much faster 2.5 GbE network. It employs a new NIC built around the RTL8125B chipset. However, for the moment, it requires users to manually install the relevant driver, since the upstream kernel still does not have the needed patch.

We have also increased the number of GPIO pins from 20 to 24 to add USB 2.0 and HDMI CEC signals. If you want to use the CEC function, you will need to buy a 3rd party CEC adapter board, like for instance this one: https://bit.ly/31NQGaf.

Finally we also changed the 12V SATA power circuit to improve the suspend-resume power control sequence of 3.5” HDDs.

Setting aside the differences between the ODROID-H2 and the ODROID_H2+, they are software compatible, with the same board dimensions and overall configuration. Everything you do on the ODROID-H2 from an hardware viewpoint, can be done exactly the same way on the ODROID-H2+, including converting the M.2 NVMe slot to PCIe2 x4 with a 3rd party adapter cable, connecting the H2+ to a 1 Gbe or 2.5 Gbe switch or other SBC or PC NIC, using the GPIO, etc. The ODROID H2+ just happens to offer more!

We expect to manufacture the ODROID H2+ without interruption of the CPU supplies.

The ODROID H2+ can now be ordered at https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-h2plus/, or other vendors close to your region. The slight price increase, compared to the ODROID-H2, is commensurate with the hardware upgrades and enhanced utility.

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