ODROID-GO Game Kit: A Handheld Gaming Console To Celebrate Hardkernel’s 10th Anniversary

To celebrate ODROID’s 10th anniversary, we present the ODROID-GO Game Kit. It includes a special anniversary board and all the additional parts to put together your own game kit and see the workings behind such a device. It is not only a fun assembly project but also an educational tool to learn about all the hardware and software that goes into building such a device.  ▶


Android Development: Using GitHub

Welcome back, appdev initiates! If you’re like me, you’re more than ready to increase your app development skills. As mentioned previously, the 800-pound gorilla of online open source projects is GitHub. There are several Git-based choices in the marketplace, but for our purposes, we will use GitHub for this column,  ▶

Android app development

Android Development: So, You Want to Be an App Developer?

So, you want to be an app developer? Let’s see what I can do to help you with that! A casual survey of the back issues of ODROID Magazine has shown that there are plenty of in-depth, detailed articles about Android on ODROID. What the community has been missing is a series of “So, you want to get started with this” articles.  ▶


Introduction to BASH Basics - Part 2: Useful BASH commands for Single Board Computers

Last time, we learned about the ‘ls’ and ‘tree’ commands. While looking at things is nice, it's more fun to actually do something with our data. This article contains a list of the common commands for manipulating data. The command and its explanation are kept very brief to avoid writing a Linux encyclopedia and boring you all to death. They should just bring the existence of a command to your attention.  ▶