Linux Kernel For ODROID

Linux Kernel 4.14: ODROID-XU3/4/MC1/HC1 Support

This kernel version becomes particularly attractive for the Exynos 5422 ODROIDs, especially since it includes important fixes for the hardware video decoder and encoder (MFC), the hardware scaler and color space converter (GScaler), and a brand new driver for the HDMI CEC, that exposes the device as a infrared remote control.  ▶


Kernel Modules

If you’ve been around the Hardkernel Forum long enough the word ‘kernel module’ should sound familiar to you. However, if you’re new to the Linux world the details about what exactly Kernel Modules are might be unclear. This article is intended to not only make you aware of what exactly a Kernel Module but how to interact and build your own.  ▶