ODROID-GO Game Kit: A Handheld Gaming Console To Celebrate Hardkernel’s 10th Anniversary

To celebrate ODROID’s 10th anniversary, we present the ODROID-GO Game Kit. It includes a special anniversary board and all the additional parts to put together your own game kit and see the workings behind such a device. It is not only a fun assembly project but also an educational tool to learn about all the hardware and software that goes into building such a device.  ▶


Kodi and Advanced Mame on ODROID-XU4 - Part 2

This is a continuation of a guide for setting up Kodi with Mame, which details how to install the joystick. Ideally, playing with MAME requires a nice joystick. Here are two examples of joystick I've built myself. It's a good exercise of woodwork, painting, designing and electronics and a fun  ▶


Carputer - 7" Touch Screen Android

This is a 7" Touch Screen Android Carputer with super accurate USB GPS, Bluetooth 4, 3.5MM Audio in/out, WiFi, and an adjustable magnetic screen.  A sketchup file is available for additional customization and resizing as needed at  As an IT Field service tech of 28 years, I built this  ▶


The Yocto Project: Up and running on the ODROID-C2

This article describes the fundamental building blocks and process for building a custom ODROID-C2 Linux image. The same steps can be used for other ODROID machines. Yocto is the industry standard tool for building custom, complex Embedded Linux systems using the latest Open Source technologies such as Qt5, QtWebEngine, and Grafana.  ▶