ODROID-GO Advance Black Edition

On May 24, 2020, Hardkernel announced the availability of the upgraded ODROID-GO Advance Black Edition. The upgraded version is also available is the legacy Clear White edition.

Fig 01 - Black edition

The upgrade enhances usability and covers the following areas:

  • 1) The power input port has changed to a USB Type-C connector. This allows common smartphone chargers and cables to be used. However, there are a few limitations. The Type-C port is not a fully featured USB-PD (Power Delivery) protocol interface. There is no USB data communication feature either. It is just a “dumb” power input used for battery charging only. Additionally, one or two pins of the 10pin GPIO port may be obstructed when charging the device.
  • 2) A 802.11n SDIO WiFi module has been mounted on the PCB by default. You can download ROMs via the wireless connection, and multi-player features would be feasible sometime in the future without requiring an external USB WiFi dongle. Tested throughput with the “iperf” tool was about 40~50Mbps and SMB/NFS file transfer speed was around 4~6MiB/s.
  • 3) L2 and R2 shoulder buttons added. Many users requested it, and we added it. It is hoped that many PSX game fans will enjoy it. We are aware the shape of the new L2 and R2 buttons is not perfect, but it is better than nothing.
  • 4) A new shell case color is available. There will be two options for shell cases: Aura Black and Clear White. Both shells are made with transparent resins allowing the status LEDs to be visible on the back side. The color of the PCB also changed to black from white.

The front and back of the PCB looks like so:

Fig 02 - Front

Fig 03 - Back

Note that there are two additional tact switches on the edge side for L2 and R2 buttons. You can also find the USB Type-C connector and the SDIO WiFi module easily.

Fig 04 - Top

Linux device drivers for the SDIO WiFi module and the L2/R2 buttons are already included in our Kernel source repo. A new Ubuntu 20.04 based OS image including this support will be provided by in the near future. The new OS image and Kernel will be fully compatible with the original ODROID-GO Advance

The various components of the package are shown below:

Assembly details can be found at the link listed in the reference section below.


https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-go-advance-black-edition/ https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=38629 https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid_go_advance/start

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