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July 2019 (6-Bay NAS)

This month, we feature a project using RAID storage to create a 6-bay Network Access Storage (NAS) device with an ODROID-H2.  We also bring you part 2 of the ZoneMinder article from last month, demonstrating how to build the package from source code.  There are lots of articles for gaming  ▶


June 2019 (ZoneMinder on ODROID-XU4)

This month’s issue of ODROID magazine features some great articles, especially for those of you with an ODROID-N2! For fans of retro gaming, we have several fantastic articles for nearly every ODROID. Michele Matacchione shows us how to build our own personal surveillance solution with a XU4 and ZoneMinder. Thanks  ▶


May 2019 (NetBSD on the ODROID-C2)

This month’s issue is filled with terrific articles, covering a range of topics so there is something for everyone! For all you NetBSD fans out there, there is a great article by Edward Kisiel highlighting running NetBSD on the ODROID-C2. For the ODROID-HC1 and HC2, there are two great articles.  ▶


April 2019 (x86 Emulation)

This month we have two great guides for our ODROID-GO, about dual core programming and GPS navigation. For our ODROID-C2 Andy Felong gives us instructions on setting up MonogDB and @codewalker teaches us how to get Google Home up and running.  There are many more guides and articles from PiHole  ▶


March 2019 (ODROID-N2)

This month we are excited to announce the ODROID-N2, a new high performance single board computer that can run Android Pie. We learn about crossgrading from armhf to arm64, just in time to help us transition to our new ODROID-N2. Dave Prochnow shows a great use for our ODROID-GO by  ▶


February 2019 (Amibian.js Commodore Amiga Emulation)

This month, Jon Aasenden shows us Commodore Amiga Emulation with Amibian.js. For our ODROID-GOs we have several terrific articles such as turning our GOs into FTP servers and two new Coding Camps that focus on the GO’s wireless capabilities. Andreas Lintermann shows us his ODROID-MC1 cluster he uses for scientific  ▶


January 2019 (5 Year Anniversary)

We are excited to announce that it’s our 5th anniversary of the ODROID magazine! Justin Lee, CEO of Hardkernel, gives us the history of the company in our “Meet An ODROIDian” section. Additionally, Bruno does an amazing job of giving us a retrospective of ODROID magazine in his article. If  ▶


December 2018 (ODROID-GO Tricorder)

This month we continue to highlight some features of the ODROID-H2 by looking into its bios and remote functionality. In Coding camp series 9 and 10, we connect the Weather Board 2 and Ultra-Sonic distance sensor to the ODROID-GO. We also have some great guides for gamers where we look  ▶


November 2018 (ODROID-H2)

This November’s issue has the article many ODROIDians have been waiting for, a new ODROID device release! We are excited to announce the ODROID-H2, a high performance x86-64bit platform. Additionally, we have great articles highlighting gaming on an ODROID-XU4, with an impressive Dreamcast build by @8BitFlashback. Limor Wainstein shows us  ▶


October 2018 (Car Infotainment)

For this October’s issue, Tobias Schaaf makes us all nostalgia in part 1 of his Game Nostalgia series. @Kamots shows us his ODROID-GO wireless charging mod, which is perfect as our Coding Camp guide this month describes reading the ODROID-GO’s battery voltage. @poptmartone takes his ODROID-C2 on the road running  ▶