Playing Modern FNA Games on the ODROID Platform

FNA is an open source re-implementation of XNA. XNA is a game framework created by Microsoft Corp., and is quite popular. A few notable games have been written with XNA (wich is for MS Windows only) and later ported to Linux and MacOS using FNA and/or MonoGames. Let's make it work on our ODROID.  ▶


Building An Xbox Using an ODROID-H2

The OG Xbox rocked our world - we still call the media player 'the xbox' to this day. After it was modded it became a media powerhouse that was way ahead of its time. And now it is time to emulate it itself!  ▶


Gaming on the ODROID-H2: Running Lakka on the ODROID-H2

Last month’s issue of ODROID Magazine featured an article “Lakka: Building The Ultimate ODROID-XU4 / XU4Q Gaming Console”, available at This article focused on gaming with a ODROID-XU4, however, there is a potentially even more powerful ODROID, the H2. While the ODROID-XU4 does an amazing job at retro gaming,  ▶