August 2017

6 Mycroft: Open Source Artificial Intelligence
12 Artificial Intelligence Programming: Using Prolog With An ODROID-XU4
14 ODROID-VU: Backlight Brightness Control On Android
20 Linux Gaming: Fanboy Part 1 - Am I A Nintendo Fanboy?
22 Migrating From Ubuntu Mate To Lubuntu: A Step-By-Step Guide For Switching To An LXDE Desktop
24 Using The Adafruit 128x64 OLED Bonnet On An ODROID-C1+: Programming With Luma.OLED And WiringPi
26 ODROID-XU4 LED Control
27 Cryptocurrency Mining: A Viability Project And Stability Test For Kernel Version 4.9 On An ODROID-XU4 Supercomputing Cluster
28 Getting Started With Android On The ODROID-C2: A Beginner’s Guide
30 Meet An ODROIDian: Martí Bonamusa, Real-Time 3D Data Analytics Entrepreneur

July 2017

6 Home Automation With Home Assistant: A Smart House With Your ODROID By Your Side
12 Community Spotlight: New Hardkernel Logo
12 Community Spotlight: Windows X86 Compatibility List for ODROID XU3/XU4 Running Exagear 2.1 Desktop
13 ODROID-XU4 Header Extenders: Higher Sockets For Your Projects
14 Android Development: Deep Diving Inside ADB - Part 2
16 Seismograph Earthquake Detector: Measuring Seismic Acceleration Using The ODROID-C2
21 Gogs: A GitHub/GitLab Alternative
23 ODROID-XU4 As A Map Server: A Guide To Using GeoServer
25 Geiger Counter: Detecting Radiation With An ODROID-C2
26 Lakka 2.0: A Great Emulation Operating System Receives A Major Update
29 Meet An ODROIDian: Michel Catudal

June 2017

6 Gnome 3: Wayland on the ODROID-XU4
8 Getting Kernel Boot And Panic Messages With NetConsole: Monitor Your System Even Without A Serial Console
10 ODROID-XU4Q (Q For Quiet): A Completely Silent Version Of The Powerful ODROID-XU4 Octa-Core Computer
14 XU4 Case - Part 2: A Futuristic Design For Your 3D Printer - Passive Vs Active
17 GNUPlot: Create Multi-File Charts
18 Linux Gaming: ExaGear Desktop 2.0
27 Alarm Central - Part 2: Ultra-Low Power Motion Sensors
29 Crossy Space: A Journey Where No Crossy Game Has Gone Before
30 Meet An ODROIDian: Davidson Braga De Souza (@Snk)

May 2017

6 Volumio 2 Plugins: Stream Music with Spotify
7 Multiclick Button Handler For 3.5” LCD And Webcam: Getting The Most Out Of The Hardware Buttons
10 XU4 Gaming Emulator: Time To Repurpose That Old Console You Bought From The Flea Market
12 Deep Diving Inside Android: Debug Bridge (ADB) - Part 1
14 Android Navigation: Using An Infrared Remote Control
17 Linux Gaming: F-Zero Series Car Racing
20 A New ODROID Store Is Open In The US: Visit
21 RetroPie Version 4.2: Now Offering Native ODROID-C2 Support
24 Exploring RS485 Communication on C1+ and C2 Boards
25 Spaceteam: Now Your Friends Have A Good Reason To Yell Loudly At Each Other
26 Meet an ODROIDian: Stephen Neal (@noggin)

April 2017

6 Building A Robot: Meet Walter, The Robot From 1968
8 ODROID-C2 Wawa Laptop: Improving Children’s Education
12 Forty Issues, A Recap: If You Haven’t Read Them All, It’s Your Lucky Day!
35 A New ODROID Store Is Opening In The US: Visit
36 CloudShell-2 For The ODROID-XU4: A DIY High-Performance NAS With RAID
40 Google Cloud Print For the ODROID-C2
42 Control Any Electrical Device With An ODROID-C2: A Sample Project
46 XU4 Case: A Futuristic Design For Your 3D Printer
48 Meet An ODROIDian: Charles Park, Hardkernel Co-Founder

March 2017

6 IoT Doorbell: Get An Email Alert Of The Person At Your Door
11 LineageOS 14.1 For ODROID-XU3/XU4: Forget Cyanogen, The Future Is Here
12 Linux Gaming: Open Fodder
14 Causality: A Time Travel Paradox Puzzle Game For Your Discretion
15 RemotePi Board For the ODROID-C2
18 HiFi Shield 2: The Best Audio You Can Achieve On An ODROID
19 Updated XU4 Manual: Revised For Ubuntu and Newer Peripherals
20 Home Data Center: Code Deployment With ArchLinux
23 The ODROID Arcade Box: Have The Perfect Experience With Your Favorite Arcade Games
28 Android Development: Analyzing Application Network Usage
30 Sensing The Presence: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist
32 Meet an ODROIDian: Viacheslav Alekseev

February 2017

6 Dual and Triple Boot For ODROID-C2: Easily Switch Between Operating Systems On A Single ODROID
8 Setting Up Your XU4 As A General-Purpose Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device: Your Home Swiss Army Knife Server
16 The Amazing ODROID-VU8: A Portable All-In-One ODROID Touchscreen Tablet With 1024 x 768 Resolution
19 Buildroot: Now Available For ODROID-C0/C1/C1+
20 Sky Force Reloaded: What Do We Love On A Shoot ‘Em Up? Bullet Hell!
20 HomeBridge Home Automation: Easily Integrate Your Home’s Technologies
21 Tap ’N’ Slash: Uncomplicated Slashing With Fast Reflexes
23 Linux Gaming: PPSSPP Speed Comparison
29 SmartPower2: Your Energy-Saving Best Friend
29 ODROID-C2 Power Consumption: A Simple Tweak That Will Work Wonders
30 Meet An ODROIDian: Richard Bown (@richard-g8jvm)

January 2017

6 Iot Environmental Wine Cellar Preserver and Notifier
12 Deluge: Your New Favorite BitTorrent Client
14 Telegram Chatbot: Advanced Home Automation
16 Chrome Death: A Cyberpunk-Themed Action Game That Will Keep Your Adrenaline Pumping
17 ODROID-C1/C2 Paper Case
17 Pixel Dodgers: Fasten Your Fingers And Dodge Fireballs
18 ODROID-C2 Manual: A Guide For All Expertise Levels
19 Portable Arcade Station
20 ODROID Around The World: The International Reach of Hardkernel’s Popular Single Board Computers
22 ClipGrab: Download Your Favorite Videos For Offline Viewing
23 Kodi Screensaver: Control Your CEC-Compatible TV Monitor With This Smooth Feature
24 Rear View Camera: Staying Safe On Your Bicycle
29 32-Bit Executable on 64-Bit Ubuntu: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist
30 Meet An ODROIDian: Fabien Thiriet (@Fab)

December 2016

6 Hardkernel at ARM TechCon 2016: Showcasing the ODROID-C2
8 Retro Gaming with Exagear
10 Linux Gaming: Choosing the Right Game Controller For Your Playstyle
14 Missiles: There Is No Better Way Of Flying Than Dodging Relentless Attacks
15 Installing A Thermal Receipt Printer On Linux: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist
16 Boot.Ini Persistence: Preserving Changes During An Upgrade
17 Software Equalizer For Android: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist
18 Using The Hardware Encoder Functions of the ODROID-XU4
22 How To Use An ODROID As A Bluetooth Speaker: Music For The Masses
24 ODROID-C2 Real-Time Kernel: Getting Started With An RTOS
25 Ruling The World With Synergy: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist
26 Why Add Liquid Cooling To An ODROID-XU3 or XU4?
29 Docker 101: Part 2 - Swarm Mode
34 Designing Your Own ODROID Seedbox: Harness The Power Of The Cloudshell
41 Meet An ODROIDian: Daniel Haze (@Fourdee)

November 2016

6 Building An IoT Device Using an ODROID-C2: Street and Home Lights Controller With SMS Notifier
15 How To Get Fancy Color Images From A Simple Sensor Image: Using The Bayer Pattern To Create An RGB Color Image
17 Alarm Central: Part 1 - RF24 Window Sensor and MIRF Library
22 Ancestor: A Game Full Of Fun With Perfect Gameplay, Visuals and Details
23 Ultra-HD 4K Ambilight: Create A Spectacular Synchronized Visual Background For Your Home Theater
26 Docker 101: Part 1 - Why Docker?
31 Linux Gaming: Get Serious With The Serious-Engine
33 Android Development: Android WiFi Stack
36 MythTV: Running The Open-Source Home Entertainment Application On Your ODROID-C2
39 Android Nougat: Impress Your Friends With The Latest Android Version
40 Accelerated Video Playback For Browsing On The ODROID-C2: Watch Your Web Media Content In Full HD
44 Meet An ODROIDian: Joachim Althof

October 2016

6 Gmail Mechanical Notifier: An ODROID IoT Device and Application
12 Transforming Your ODROID Into an IP Webcam
18 ODROID-XU4 Cooling Tests: Discover the Best Cooling For Your Needs
19 Ultimate Briefcase: Get Ready to Rumble In a Frantic Survival Game
20 Industrial Automation: Remote Monitor Modbus Register Using an ODROID-XU4
22 NVIDIA Game Streaming On the ODROID-C2: Play Modern Games On Your ODROID
24 Linux Gaming: Some Great Games for the ODROID-C2
26 Android Gaming: Reaper, Tale of a Pale Swordsman
29 Gentoo for the ODROID-C2: Creating Your Own Custom Installation
32 Meet an ODROIDian: Sebastien Chevalier (@ptitseb), GLShim Developer

September 2016

6 Hacking Pokemon Go With an ODROID: How to Perform GPS Spoofing
10 Taking a Crack at Breaking WPA Networks - Part 2
14 ODROID-C1 Laptop: A Custom Home Project Codenamed “Redtop”
17 Pac-Man 256: A Classic Game? A New Twist on the Endless Runner Genre? Find Out!
18 Installing Hadoop and Spark Onto an ODROID-XU4 Cluster
22 Backup Scripts: Keep Your Data Safe For Your Peace of Mind
27 ODROID-C2 as an IoT Device: Interfacing With The Real World
31 Kodibuntu: Auto-Starting Kodi With a Full Ubuntu Distribution
32 A Car Computer For The Love of Customization: Chronicles of a Mad Scientist
35 Linux Gaming: Sega Saturn and CDEmu
39 The XU4 Punnet: A Printable Card Case for the ODROID-XU4
41 Why Does the Loser Seem to Touch the Finish Line First? Interesting Experiments to Understand the Difference of Shutter Mechanisms
42 ODROID-VU7 Plus: Your Favorite Touchscreen Now Offers Higher Resolution
43 Meet an ODROIDian: Radostan Riedel (@raybuntu), Talented LibreELEC Developer

August 2016

6 Why Does The Pencil Look Bent? The Behavior of Different Types of Camera Shutters
10 Android Development: Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
12 The Matrix: It Will Always Be Cool
13 Linux Gaming: Spread Some Löve (Engine)
15 Hardkernel 5V/6A Power Supply: A High Quality Stable and Low-Noise Power Supply for the ODROID-XU4
16 Taking a Crack at Breaking WPA Networks - Part 1: Bulletproofing Your Own System
20 Recalbox for ODROID-XU4: The Ultimate Multimedia And Gaming System
22 ODROID-XU4 Cluster: The Holy Grail of Core Per Watt vs Performance vs Price
24 Xposed Framework: Tame Your Android Upgrades and Handle System Level Changes
25 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: A Fantastic Game Finally Ported to Android
26 Volumio 2.0: Your Favorite Integrated Music Player Just Got Better
27 That Level Again: Where All Levels Are The Same Except The Way To Win
28 Meet An ODROIDian: Joshua Sherman, Assistant Editor of ODROID Magazine

July 2016

6 Building an Arch Linux Image with Mate Desktop - Part 1
10 Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics: Scientific Calculations Using a Small ODROID Cluster
18 EasyRPG: An RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 Engine
19 Witch Blast: A Really Addictive Dungeon Crawl Shooter
20 Minecraft Client on ODROID
22 An Energy-Efficient, Maximum Performance Gigabit NAS: Using an ODROID-C2 and 128GB eMMC
24 VU7 Tablet: Build Your Own Custom 64-Bit Modular Tablet
26 Attacking WPS-Enabled Wireless Networks
30 Face Detection Using OCAM and ODROID-XU4: How To Recognize Human Features
32 Meet an ODROIDian: Jörg Wolff

June 2016

6 Security Camera: A Great Weekend Project
10 Java Installation Script for Developers: The Perfect Fix For All of Your Cup of Java Needs
19 Camera Calibration Using OCAM and ODROID-XU4: A Technical Tutorial
29 Baby NAP (Night Activity Program): Part 2 - Software Components
36 BASH Script Command Center Minecraft Edition: Useful Scripts for Creating and Managing a Minecraft Server
37 Cartridge Ports: Download Top-Notch Software for Your ODROID
38 Linux Gaming: Strategy Games on the ODROID - Part 2
42 The Impulse T2: An ODROID-XU4 Tilt Touch Table
44 Compiling Synergy for ODROID: Chronicles of a Mad Scientist
47 Samba Server: Setting Up a RAID Array
49 Breaking WEP Security: A Guide to Cracking the Simplest Wireless Encryption
54 Meet an ODROIDian: Andrew Ruggeri, Assistant Editor of ODROID Magazine

May 2016

6 Turning Your ODROID Into a Tor Relay: Protecting Freedom One ODROID at a Time
9 ODROID Production: A Retrospective From Hardkernel's Early Years
10 CherryMusic: Your Own Private Music Stream
12 Wireless Injection: A Hands-On Approach to Learning 802.11
19 Augmented Reality: Using the OCam and ODROID-XU4
22 Linux Gaming: Atari Jaguar on ODROID-XU3/XU4
28 Android Development: Android Support Library
31 Battle for the Solar System: Pandoran War - A Fun 2D Mission-Based Space Shooter
32 Baby NAP (Night Activity Program): Part 1 - Hardware Configuration
36 Make Your Own Smart Car With the ODROID-XU4: Bring New Functionality To Your Vehicle
40 Meet an ODROIDian: Miltiadis Melissas

April 2016

6 Wooden Game Cabinet: For Retro Fans
11 Android Development: Build Your Own Android SDK
15 Unicorn: CPU Instruction Emulation for ARM
15 Awkaster: Retrotastic Terminal Based FPS Gaming
16 Linux Gaming: An ODROID-W Housed in a Gameboy Advance SP Case
18 Versatile Multiscope: An Oscilloscope Project For Your Home
20 XMage: An Online Magic: The Gathering Free-For-All
22 Object Tracking Using OCam and ODROID-XU4: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide
24 Linux Gaming: RVGL - Re-Volt on OpenGL
26 Cut The Rope 2: Help Nom-Nom Get His Candy
27 Kismet: Wireless Network Monitoring
32 Meet an ODROIDian: Adrian Popa (@mad_ady), Premiere SBC Enthusiast

March 2016

6 ODROID-VU7 Backlight: Adding a Digital Control System
8 Super Eyes: Hand Tracking and Surveillance with the OCam
11 ShowMeStuff: A Smart Kiosk System for Your ODROID-SHOW
12 Byobu: Your Linux Terminal on Steroids
15 Half-Life: Black Mesa Has Come to the ODROID Platform
16 Exagear: Get More From Your ODROID with TeamViewer, Spotify and Skype
19 Using ZRAM: Memory Expansion through Compression
21 MQTT Basics: IoT Made Easy
23 ODROID-C2: 64-Bit Low-Cost Powerhouse
25 Real Time Linux Kernel: The ODROID-C0’s Best Friend
27 Toner Reset: Extending the Life of Your Laser Printer Cartridges
29 Meet an ODROIDian: Christopher Dean (@TPimp), Accomplished QT5 Developer and Hardware Virtuoso

February 2016

6 Internet Small Computer System Interface: iSCSI Made Simple
8 A Look at Cyanogenmod: Getting Started with a Clean, Lightweight Flavor of Android
9 Overscan Fix in Ubuntu for ODROID-C1/C1+: Synchronize Your ODROID With Your Monitor
10 Fire Detection for Surveillance Cameras: Taming Fire With a Webcam and an ODROID
13 Linux Gaming: Running Windows 2000 Games on an ODROID
18 ODROID-C0: A Compact Board for Portable and Lightweight Applications
20 ODROID-XU4 User Manual: A Guide For All Expertise Levels
21 OS Spotlight: Odrobian Retrogaming Arcade (ORGA) For ODROID-C1/C1+
24 Munin: An Open Source Performance Analyzer
28 The OWEN Robot Kit: A Sample Project For the New ODROID-C0
31 Android Development: Accessing the Bluetooth Stack
33 Meet an ODROIDian: David Lima, Quintessential Enterprise Storage Expert and System Administrator

January 2016

6 Thinly-Provisioned Logical Volumes: The Ability to Dynamically Allocate Capacity
8 Debian Jessie for ODROID-XU4: A Minimal Server Image
10 Linux Kernel Compilation: How to Customize Your Operating System
13 Universal Image Installer
14 CPU and Fan Control: Tame Your XU3 and XU4 Heat Output When You Don’t Need Full Octa-Core Power
15 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base
16 ODROID Magazine Website: A New Design For Our Third Year
17 Android 6.0 Marshmallow for ODROID-XU4: The Newest Android For Your Newest ODROID
18 Universal Motion Joypad: Are You Ready to Drive a Race Car?
21 Respect Your Coworker’s Job: Please, Don’t Touch Anything Shows That Ignorance Is Blissful Fun
22 Lakka for ODROID-XU4: The Ultimate Gaming System
23 Linux Gaming: Strategy Games on the ODROID - Part 1
28 ODROID-XU4 Case: A Sleek, Modern and Silent Enclosure
30 OS Spotlight: Tizen for ODROID-XU4
35 Meet an ODROIDian: Georg Mill, Innovative and Creative Hardware Maker

December 2015

6 Logical Volume Management: Beyond Barriers with LVM
8 New Hardkernel Offices: A Quick Tour of the Headquarters
10 Linux Containers: Quickly Prepare a Fully Configured Isolated System for Testing
18 Faro: The Humanoid Goalkeeper Robot
20 Using Android NDK in Android Studio and Gradle: Working with WiringPi in Android
23 Frets on Fire: Release Your Inner Rock Star
22 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base
23 LFTP and CRON: Server Syncing Made Easy
24 ODROID-XU4 Multi-boot Scripts: The Easy Way
26 Linux Gaming: Fallout - A Post-Nuclear Role Playing Game
30 Reading Temperature and Humidity From an SHT15 Sensor: An Introduction to the GPIO Interface
33 Android Gaming: Five Nights at Freddy’s - Jump Scares and Creepy Toys
34 Fan-Made Zelda Games: Your Favorite Fantasy World Expands
37 ODROID-C1+ OTG Jumper: Solderless USB Power
38 Android Development: Inside the System Server
40 Meet an ODROIDian: Saleem Almajed (@Xeosal), Emerging Technology Expert and Avid Musician
41 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base

November 2015

6 Get More Out of Das U-Boot: Inside the ODROID Boot Loader
15 Gigalomania: Practice the Art of War
15 USB Cleaning: A Quick and Easy Fix for Disabled USB Ports
16 Logical Volume Management: Manipulating Volume Groups
17 Touchscreen At Its Best: Tiki Taka Soccer is the Perfect Game for Every Touchscreen User
18 Linux Gaming: OpenGL Compatibility Using GLShim
22 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base
23 LFTP and CRON: Server Syncing Made Easy
27 Build a Customized Spam Filter: Regain Control Over Your Inbox
30 HiFi-Shield for the ODROID-C1+: Make Your ODROID Sound Great
32 Gently Release the Handbrake: Transcode Videos to Any Format
34 CloudShell With an ODROID-XU4 as a Home Server: An All-In-One Personal Cloud Device
37 Cute but Challenging: Dungeon Boss is a Superb Fit for the Casual Player
38 RuneAudio Music Player: Build Your Own Professional Quality Home Audio Kiosk
43 7-Inch HDMI Multi-Touch Screen for the ODROID-C1+: An Affordable Interactive Portable Monitor
46 Meet an ODROIDian: Manuel Adamuz, ODROID Magazine Spanish Editor

October 2015

6 OS Spotlight: Lakka on the ODROID-C1 - DIY Retro Emulation Console
8 Logical Volume Management: Make Your Data Migration Easier with LVM
9 ODROID-XU4 Fan Control: The Cool Way to Manage Your XU4 Temperature and Power Usage
10 Apache Tomcat: A Powerful Java-Based Web Page and Applet Server
17 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base
17 Adrenaline-Charged Fun: Speed Ninja, the New Endless Runner You Were Looking For
18 Plex Media Server: Your Media on All Your Devices
26 Using the USB-UART with Mac OSX: Helping Our Mac Users Get Console Access to Their ODROIDs
28 Android Development: Building Android for the ODROID-C1 - Part 2
30 FreeOrion: Conquer the Galaxy
31 Haxima Nazghul: A New Adventure for Ultima V Fans
32 Using Python with the ODROID-SHOW: SHOWTime Makes Everything Easier
33 Prince of Persia: Rescue the Princess in This Classic DOS Side-Scroller
34 Linux Gaming: DreamCast - Sega’s Last Big Console Comes to the ODROID Platform
41 Meet an ODROIDian: WIlliam Henning (@Mikronauts), Robotics Authority and Prolific Tech Blogger

September 2015

6 XU4 Cloudshell: A DIY Personal Cloud Server Kit
8 Netflix Under Linux on the ODROID-C1: Chill Out with a Movie
10 ODROID-C1+: A Board for Everyone
12 OS Spotlight: Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS - An Optimized Server Environment for your ODROID
14 OS Spotlight: Unified Android and Debian Distribution - The Best of Both Worlds
16 Android Gaming: Need Something to Do While You’re Sick? Exterminate Mankind While You Recover with Plague Inc.
17 XU4 Cluster: A Thorough Look at Several Available Options for High Performance Computing
18 Slay the Dragon, Save the Village: Sword of Xolan Proves that No Matter How High Def Our Displays Get, We Will Always Love Pixels
19 Luci, My Lamp: A Supercool Robotic Companion Powered by an ODROID-U3
24 Arjuna: An ODROID-Based Piano Teaching Device
26 Logical Volume Management Basics: Work Differently with Your Disk Space from Now On
28 QT5: Building a Single Application User Interface
32 SAMIIO: Easily Build Powerful I/O Applications
39 ODROID Forums: The Perfect Place to Communicate with Hardkernel Developers
41 Meet an ODROIDian: Uli Middleberg, Linux Wizard and Docker Specialist

August 2015

6 PS3 Wireless Controllers: Your Drivers for Wireless Fun
7 Building Android on the ODROID-C1: A Walkthrough for Compiling KitKat
9 Linux Gaming: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
10 ODROID-XU4: A Fresh Look at Our Newest Board
12 Grails: The Groovy Version of Ruby on Rails
16 Using BuildRoot: Create a Simple Media Player
18 ODROID-C1 User Manual: A Guide for All Expertise Levels
19 Stepmania: Dancing Entertainment
22 Linux Gaming: Rare Gaming Gems - Part 2
26 Fruit MIDI: Building a Grape Piano
29 ODROID Magazine: Now Available on Google Play Store
30 Meet an ODROIDian: Nicole C. Scott, Multi-Faceted Artist and Social Media Guru

July 2015

6 Making Video Games for Amstrad CPC with ODROID: Have Fun With This Blast From the Past
8 Linux Kernel Build Scripts: Tweak Your System
9 Android Gaming: Nubs’ Adventure - Challenging and Enjoyable 2D Platformer
10 Linux Gaming: Rare Gaming Gems - Part 1
15 Android Gaming: Kung Fury Street Rage - The Best Worst Movie Ever Made on YouTube is Now the Best Worst Ripoff Game Ever
16 Android Development: Building Android Studio
19 Jodro: Java Library for Controlling the GPIO Pins of the ODROID-C1
20 Experience Peace: White Noise Generator
21 ODROID-C1 Music Stand: Jamming with Style
24 OS Spotlight: DietPi for ODROID-C1
30 Popcorn Time: A Media Lover's Dream
32 Meet an ODROIDian: Chris McMurrough, Robotics Expert

June 2015

6 ODROID-U3 Car PC: Replacing the Standard Factory Equipment
9 OBDGPS Logger: Combine OBDII and GPS Data for Complete Vehicle Tracking
16 ODROID Forums: The Perfect Place to Communicate with Hardkernel Developers
17 Linux Gaming: Nintendo 64 Emulation - Part 2
26 3.2” Touchscreen Driver Installation for the ODROID-C1
28 Linux Retroarch Nintendo 64 Core for the ODROID-U3
28 Community Images for the ODROID-C1
29 The Original ODROID: Where It All Started
30 Comparison of the Top 4 SBCs: One Board To Rule Them All
37 Text to Speech with the ODROID-C1 USB Audio Adapter
38 All-In-One Desktop Case for the ODROID-C1
41 Guzunty Pi for the ODROID-U3: Using a CPLD As a Programmable Level Shifter
46 Android Development: Creating a Custom Web Server Service
47 UltraStar Deluxe Karaoke: Become an ODROID Rock Star
50 Tekken 6: The Ultimate Fighting Game
51 Meet an ODROIDian: Markham Thomas (@mlinuxguy), A Highly Experienced and Well-Traveled Linux Expert

May 2015

6 Arx Fatalis: A Long-Awaited Game Makes a Star Appearance
8 ODROID Magazine Kickstarter Campaign: Get the Deluxe Printed Version Sent to Your Home
9 Android Gaming: Does Not Commute - The Craziest Driving Game Around
10 Android Gaming: Transformers Battle Tactics - A Fun Way to Play Against Your Friends in Epic Robot Battles
10 Fixing Consumer Electronics Control (CEC): Enable Remote Control via HDMI
11 Android Gaming: Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft - The Greatest Electronic Card Game to Date
12 Linux Gaming: Nintendo 64 Emulation - Part 1 - Embark on the Ultimate 90s Gaming Journey
19 OpenGTS: A Powerful Open-Source GPS Tracking System
34 Use an ODROID-C1 as a Wall Dashboard: Keep Track of Your Enterprise Projects in Real Time on a Large Screen
37 Improve Your ODROID-XU3 Fan: Go Even Quieter
38 Retro Gaming Console: Put Some New Life in Your Old Console Case
40 Quake II: The Game That Revolutionized the First Person Shooter Genre
43 ARM Solar Challenge: Join the Race to Create a Functional Solar-Powered Micro-Data Center
44 Electronic Superpowers: Observing a Solar Eclipse on a Cloudy Day
46 Convert a USB Charger into a Tiny Linux Box: The Ultimate Travel Server
49 Meet an ODROIDian: Daniel Mehrwald (@AreaScout), Retro Emulation and Gaming Aficionado

April 2015

6 Kali Linux: Take your ODROID to the Edge with the Most Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution Ever Created
10 EMMC Recovery: Take Advantage of Flash Block Utilization to Recover Your Data
10 Android Gaming: Only One - A Tribute to the Action Genre Like You Always Wanted
11 Build Your Own Ambilight: Add an Extra Dimension to Your Videos
14 Installing Linux an on External USB Drive: Get More Space on Your Root Partition
15 GPIO Shutdown: Add an External Shutdown To Stop Your Device with a Single Touch
16 OpenHAB: A Guide to Open Source Home Automation
26 ODROID-C1 Triple Boot: Pack Ubuntu/Debian Linux, Android and OpenELEC into a Single Physical Volume
27 Improved XU3 Fan: Staying Quiet
28 Linux Gaming: The Original Warcraft Series
31 ODROID-C1 Video Contest: Show Others What You Know
32 Android Development: Introducing the New Low Memory Killer Daemon
33 Android Gaming: Iron Force - Explosive Tank Battles
33 Android Gaming - Beach Buggy Racing: Action Cartoon-Style Racing in the Best Location on Earth... the Beach!
34 Meet an ODROIDian: Anthony Salter (@ViridianGames), Devoted Father and Entertainment Expert

March 2015

6 KitKat 4.4.2: ODROID-C1 Review
8 Powering the ODROID-C1 Using the MicroUSB Port: Cellphone Charger Use is Just a Solder Away
8 Android Gaming: Crossy Road - Part Classic, Part Revamp, Absolute Fun
9 Home Theater PC: How the ODROID-C1 Measures Up
10 Android 5.0 Lollipop: The Next Generation of Google’s Android Code
10 Infographic: Raspberry Pi vs. ODROID-C1
11 Docker on the ODROID: Useful Tips
20 Flying ODROID: Get Yourself Airborne
24 Android Development: Dissecting and Modifying the APK File
26 Android Gaming: Angry Birds Transformers - A Great Mix of Old and New Heroes
27 Osc1lloscope: Using the ODROID-C1 as a Bench Oscilloscope
32 High Performance Computing: Building an Affordable and Portable C1 or U3 Cluster
33 Navio+ for the ODROID-C1: Autopiloting Your Drone
34 Linux Gaming: Discovering the World of Nintendo DS(i) Emulation
38 Android Gaming: Clash of Clans - Epic Battles on a Big Screen
39 Odamex: Play Doom in High Definition Widescreen with Multiplayer
41 Map Dpad on Xbox 360 Controllers in Android: Get Full Use of Your Gamepad
41 Android Gaming: Boom! Tanks - Simple Kill or Be Killed Tank Battle
42 Meet An ODROIDian: Jeremy Kenney (@Cartridge), Our Retro Gaming Wizard

February 2015

6 X86 Emulation: A Look into Exagear
9 Android Gaming: Pew Pew - Shoot ‘Em Up Fun with Space and Asteroids!
10 Tasksel: Easily Install Metapackages from the CLI
11 Android Gaming: Fish Out of Water - Skim Your Mouse Around on Virtual Seas
12 Remote Desktop: Using Guacamole
15 OS Spotlight: Ubuntu Studio - A Unique Set of Open-Source MultiMedia-Focused Tools
18 Android Gaming: Plants Vs. Zombies 2 - Classics Never Die, Especially When Undead
19 Play With the Weather Board: Technology for All Four Seasons
29 Android Development: Device Configuration
31 ODROID-C1 Minimal Install: Get Back to Basics
35 ODROID Magazine on Google+: Follow Us for the Latest Updates
36 Hardware Tinkering: Interfacing the ODROID-C1 with a 16-Channel Relay
40 ODROID Forums: The Perfect Place to Communicate with Hardkernel Developers
41 Docker: Develop, Ship and Run Any Application, Anywhere - Part 2 - Pre-Built Images
48 Infographic: Debian vs. Ubuntu
49 Meet an ODROIDian: Venkat Bommakanti, Jack of All Trades

January 2015

6 GNU Radio: Bring Your Personal Radio Broadcasts into the 21st Century
7 Android Gaming: Metal Slug Defense - A Whole New Take on a Beloved Series
8 My Very OwnCloud: Keep Your Files Secure with a Personal Cloud Server
16 Android Gaming: HeavenStrike Rivals - A Classic RPG for the Final Fantasy Lover in All of Us
17 User-Contributed Kernel Repository: Manage Your Software Packages with Automatic Updates Using Apt-Get
19 Upgrade From 13.10 to 14.04: Stay Secure Until April 2019 with an LTS Release
20 Linux Gaming: A Comparison of the Gaming Power of the U3 vs XU3
25 Guide: Community Images
26 Docker: Develop, Ship and Run Any Application, Anywhere Part 1 - Getting Started with Containers
30 Infographic: History of Linux
31 Setting Up ASP.NET and Mono: Building a Microsoft-Free Server Stack
32 Android Development: The Power of Zygote
34 Fancy Graphics With Java: Poiju
38 Seafile: Personal Cloud Software
41 Guide: History of ODROIDs
43 Meet An ODROIDian: Nanik Tolaram, Java Jedi

December 2014

6 Liquid Cooling: XU3 Cluster and XU+E
9 OS Spotlight: Max2Play - Easily Control Your ODROID Via Web Interface
11 FS-UAE Amiga Emulator: Has Anybody Talked About the Coolest Computer Before ODROIDs? We Sure Like To!
12 ODROID-C1: A Powerful Raspberry Pi Replacement
15 ODROID-C1 vs. Raspberry Pi B+: Our Second Affordable Computer Showdown
17 Behind The Scenes: The Amazing Staff of Your Favorite Tech Magazine
18 GameCade: A Miniature Arcade Console with Authentic Controllers
19 Linux Gaming: Improved DOS Remakes of Classic Games
22 Fun With RTL-SDR: FM Radio and Real-Time Flight Tracking
26 ZX Spectrum: A Retro Handheld Gaming Device
29 Android Development: Adding Boot Animation to the Initialization Process
33 The Android Story: Infographic
34 Meet An ODROIDian: Suriyan Ramasami - ODROID Enthusiast and Talented Computer Hobbyist

November 2014

6 KVM Virtualization on the ODROID-XU3: A Brave New World of Computing
8 Installing NativeBOINC: A Pictorial Guide
11 Infographic: History of Ubuntu
12 Building a BOINC Monster: 96 Cores for Only 135 Watts
13 Microsoft-Free Mining with Freeminer: Now that Mojang has Set Sail for Redmond, How About An Open Source Game?
14 Fake86: An Extremely Fast 8088/8086 Virtualizer
16 Linux Gaming: DOSBox Emulator - Play Your Original DOS Games in HD
19 Using Dual Monitors with an ODROID-XU3
20 OS Spotlight: Code Monkey - Hardware and Software Developer’s All-In-One Operating System Image
23 Easily Rotate Your Screen on Android: Defeat Your Virtual Enemies Without Rotating Your Entire Monitor
24 Build An ODROID-Powered Off-Road Unmanned Ground Vehicle: Part 3 - GPS Navigation Programming
26 Building a Weather Board Application: Create a Miniature Weather Data Collection System
28 How to Install Node.js: A Modern JavaScript-Based Web Application Platform
30 Open Media Vault: Open Source Network Attached Storage for Debian GNU/Linux
32 Meet an ODROIDian: Alexey Guseynov (@Kibergus), Software Engineer Extraordinaire

October 2014

6 Inter-Integrated Circuit Communication (I2C): Establishing a Connection between U3 and Arduino
9 Android Development: Creating a Custom Android Application
14 8-Bit Computing Bonanza: Have Fun Playing Your Favorite MSX Games
15 Linux Gaming: PSP Emulation Comparison Between Linux and Android
20 OS Spotlight: Quiet Giant - A Lightweight LAMP, Samba and Minecraft Server
22 ODROID-XU3: The Fastest Computer Made by Hardkernel So Far!
24 RetroArch: Configuring Xbox 360 Controllers with RetroArch v1.0.0.2+
25 Smartpower: Use and Protocol Analysis
32 All About Debian: An Epic Infographic
33 Tune Your Linux Desktop to Monitor Performance and Weather: Using Conky and Harmattan
37 Hardkernel at ARM TechCon 2014: Showing Off the XU3
38 Meet an ODROIDian: Bruno Doiche, Art Editor of ODROID Magazine

September 2014

6 Playing Sega Games in HD 1080p: A Blast from the Past
7 Linux Gaming: Playing Native Games on the ODROID - Part 1
9 Building an All-In-One DIY Laptop: Take Your U3 Anywhere
10 Bash Basics: Shebangs and Shebangs
12 Installing Freedomotic: A Building Automation Framework
13 Installing WICD: A Network Connection Manager
14 3Dponics: An Open Source ODROID-Powered Gardening System
18 Wall-E: Building Your Own Robot At Home - Part 1
23 Weather Forecast on the Desktop: What Chance Is There to Catch Fish Next Weekend?
25 Digging (Into) the ODROID-SHOW: Part 2 - Making Connections
28 Headless 10-Node ODROID-U3 Cluster: The Ultimate Affordable Home Supercomputer
30 Android Development: Inside the Android APK
33 Meet an ODROIDian: Tobias Schaaf, Linux Ninja and ODROID Enthusiast

August 2014

6 Android Development: Using the Linux Kernel - A Guide to the Android-Specific Drivers
9 Mount Your Internal SD Card When Booting from eMMC in Linux
10 Introducing the ODROID-W: A Miniature Raspberry Pi-Compatible Wearable Computer
14 Search with Google BBS: What if Google Were Invented in the 1980s?
14 Fixing Android Overscan: A Simple App to Change the Desktop Resolution
15 All About Hardkernel’s eMMC Modules: The ODROID Advantage
17 Linux Kernel Compilation: Get Full Control of Your Operating System Like a Linux Jedi
21 Youtube Player Alternative: Use Tampermonkey to Watch Videos
22 Interesting Linux Commands Part 1: Cute Programs For Your Next Coffee Break
23 ODROID-U3 vs. ODROID-U3+: The Next Generation in the ODROID-U Series
25 Install a Home Web Server: Using Lighttpd and Nginx to Publish Your Websites
25 Interesting Linux Commands Part 2: Cute Programs for Your Next Coffee Break
30 ODROID-VU Affordable 9” USB HDMI Touch Screen: A Portable Multitouch Screen for Android, Linux and Windows
32 PepperFlash Chrome Plugin for Lubuntu 14.04: An Easy Way to Watch Adobe Flash on Your ODROID Linux System
33 Android Gaming: Mupen64Plus - Turn Your ODROID Into a Nintendo 64 Retro Gaming Console
34 IO Shield Demystified: How to Create an Intermediary Between the Hardware and the Human
36 Digging (Into) the ODROID-SHOW: Unlock the Arduino Hardware’s Full Potential
41 OS Spotlight: Pocket Rocket and Couch Potato - Android 4.x Prebuilt Images for the Ultimate Set-Top Box, Now Available in KitKat
47 Meet an ODROIDian: Bo Lechnowsky, Expert Maker and Inspirational Inventor

July 2014

6 High Performance Computing at Home: Cluster User and File Management
9 Bash Bang! Because Command Line Never Gets Out of Fashion
9 Find What You Need With Grep: The Quick Way to Look for Content
11 Using Xbox 360 Controllers with Android: Configure Them With Retroarch and Play Thousands of Games
12 Convert an OS Image to Run on an ODROID-XU: Upgrade Your Linux Software to Match Your Shiny New Hardware
13 Control Your Bandwidth: Know Your Interface I/O Status
13 Security: Control Your User Access
14 OS Spotlight: GameStation Turbo, An Inside View of the Popular Gaming and Media Center Image
18 Fractal Generators For Linux
19 Portable Solar Computing: Power Your ODROID Using Free Energy From the Sun
20 Building Native Android Applications with Red: Part 2 - Compiling an Android App
21 Easy ODROID-X/X2 Dual Boot Switch: Boot From Android or Linux with a Flick of a Button
22 Liquid Cooled ODROID-XU
23 Remote Desktop for ODROID-U3: Using VNC & XRDP Protocols
26 ODROID Powered Off-Road Unmanned Ground Vehicle! Part 2: Interfacing with Motors and Sensors
29 Change Your Heartbeat: Controlling the Alive LED on the U3
30 ODROID Weather Board: Intelligent Weather Monitoring on Your ODROID
32 Meet an ODROIDian: Denis Odintsov (@Oversun), Black Belt Programmer and XBMC Expert

June 2014

6 Programming Your ODROID-SHOW: Using the Rebol Programming Language to Improve the Hardware Interface
7 Recompiling Mali Drivers: Updating to the Latest Release (R4P0-00Rel1)
8 Got Wiimote? Make Yourself An Awesome Gyroscopic Mouse
9 Package Your Compiled Software for Installation: Compiling Doom - Part 2
17 Describing the Mathematical Function Atan2: A Useful Tool For Programming Applications That Require Real-Time Trigonometry
20 Framebuffer Terminal Console For Those Gui-Less Moments
20 Installing Mathematical Tools From the Ubuntu Software Center: Create Beautiful 3D Graphs For Your Office and Impress Your Colleagues
22 Android Image Files: A Peek Into the Compressed Files That Make Android Portable and Lightweight
26 Resizing Android Partitions: Make Full Use Of Your Large SD Card Or eMMC
28 Quick Pictorial Guide For Resizing An Android SD or eMMC
30 How to Feed Your Cat Over the Internet: A Guide For Attaching Step Motors to the ODROID-U3
33 Make a Custom Lego Case For Your U3
34 How to Enable Multi-Channel Audio Output with XBMC: Using the USB-S/PDIF Peripheral to Deliver Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
35 Travel Back in Time with Telnet: Dust Off That Old 1200 Baud Modem
36 OS Spotlight: Dream Machine and Whisper
39 You've Got Mail… Or Should! Subscribe to the Hardkernel Email List
40 Meet An ODROIDian: Ruppi Kim, One of the Founding Members of Hardkernel

May 2014

6 Android Booting Process: Understand the Innards of How Your ODROID Boots Up to Android
8 Pipe Viewer: Get More Interactive With Your Data Progress Tools
8 The Force is Strong with Traceroute
10 How to Compile Doom on Your ODROID: Play this Timeless Classic Custom Compiled for Your Machine
13 Recompile the Mali Video Drivers: Fixing the “Blank Screen” and “Slow Windows” Issues when Upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04
14 2 Systems, 1 ODROID, Pure Fun! How to Make a Dual Boot System with Android and Ubuntu
18 Getting Started with Your ODROID: How to Copy an Image File to an SD Card or eMMC
20 Get Yourself a Little More Personality on Your Sudo
21 Sort by File Size in a Directory
21 Split a Huge File
22 On the Thermal Behavior of ODROIDs: The Performance Difference Between the XU and U3 in Greater Detail
26 Say Goodbye to Nano and Set Your Editor to VI
26 Indiegogo Campaign Promises ODROID Compatibility With Stretch Goal
27 ODROID-SHOW: A Powerful Mini LCD Screen for the U3
32 ODROID-UPS Kit: A Compact Affordable Backup Solution
34 OS Spotlight: Fully Loaded Ubuntu 12.11 with Unity 2D Desktop Environment
37 Monitor Your Linux with Nmon
38 Build an ODROID-Powered Off-Road Unmanned Ground Vehicle: Part 1 - Overview, Platform Assembly, and Power Distribution
41 Meet an ODROIDian: Simone (@Sert00), A Long-Time ODROID Enthusiast and Helpful Computer Expert

April 2014

6 Build Android on ODROID-U3: From Scratch to Smash, Take Total Control of Your Android System
8 Shairport: Turn Your ODROID to an iTunes Airport Audio Station
9 Portable Image Backup: Creating a Recovery File for Your Favorite Operating System
10 Rename Your Files from Uppercase to Lowercase in One Command Line
10 Protect Yourself from Superuser Accidents
11 Build Your Own Ubuntu From Scratch: Using Linaro’s RootFS To Compile Linux Like a Pro!
14 How to Install the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) Version 8: Save Time with Java’s “Code Once, Run Anywhere” Architecture
16 Using ODROIDs in High Performance Computing: What a Difference a Kernel Makes
17 Android Gaming: Vector - Parkour Packed Action
18 How to Setup a Minecraft Server: Creeeepers!
20 Download Youtube Videos to Watch Offline
21 Create a Papercraft Doll to Go Alongside Your Minecraft Server
22 Learn Rebol: Writing More Useful Programs with Amazingly Small and Easy-To-Understand Code - Part 2
27 Be Heard With Ubercaster: A Real-Time Audio Broadcaster Hotspot
29 ODROID-U3 I2C Communication: Inter-Integrated Circuits for the Rest Of Us
32 Heavy-Duty Portable Linux Tablet with LTE Router
34 How I Built a Truck PC with My ODROID: Nevermind the Products on the Market, Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!
38 Meet an ODROIDian: Marian Mihailescu, One of Our Top Forum Contributors

March 2014

4 Booting a Linux Distribution from an External USB Drive: The most popular article request from our user forums
8 Use Your ODROID as a Playstation 3 Media Server: Chill Out in Style Between Gaming Sessions
10 Android Development: Inspecting the Android Source Code Under a Microscope
13 Keep Your ODROIDs Up To Date: Don’t Miss the Chance to be Running the Latest and Greatest Kernel Release
14 High Performance Computing at Home: Setting up an HPC Head Node
17 Android Gaming: Flappy Bird - Installing the Original Game
18 How to Know When Your Cat is Napping: A Guide for Attaching Sensors to the ODROID-XU
21 Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr: Now Available for the ODROID Platform!
22 Learn Rebol: Writing More Useful Programs with Amazingly Small and Easy-To-Understand Code
25 Learn Red: The Next Evolution of Rebol - Part 1
27 Web Development with Code Monkey and Quiet Giant: Using ODROIDs to Build a Successful Business
31 Reboot Your Ubuntu after Installing CPUFreq
31 Resize Your Partition
32 Meet an ODROIDian: Rob Roy, Chief Editor of ODROID Magazine
35 Linux Gaming: The Right System For Your Games - Part 2

February 2014

4 Converting a Monitor to a Giant Android Tablet
7 Installing Android on an ODROID: The Mad Scientist Chronicles Continue
8 High Performance Computing at Home: Compute Like You Never Did Before
11 Fine-Grained Power Control on ODROID Clusters: 24 High Performance Cores for 35 Watts
14 USB Gadget Drivers: Make Your ODROID Communicate with Your Oldschool PC
18 Linux Gaming: The Right System for Your Games
24 Estimating Radio Network Interference With Multi-threaded Java
27 Vi/Vim Graphical Cheat Sheet
28 How to Install Rebol: A Beginner’s Guide
29 Programming with Rebol: Reducing Complexity in Development
32 I/O Shield Access: Using the C/C++ Language for ODROID-U3
34 Using an ODROID-XU as a WiFi Router: Get to 802.11AC With Style
37 The Art of Multi-boxing: 1080p Home Media Center Using Pocket Rocket and Whisper
42 Meet an ODROIDian: Mauro Ribeiro, the Software Genius Behind ODROID’s Linux Kernels

January 2014

4 Getting Started with the ODROID-U3
7 Using ODROIDs in High Performance Computing (HPC): ARM Head and Shoulders Above the Competition
8 Installing an OS on an ODROID: Chronicles of a Mad Scientist
10 Linux Gaming: The Next Evolution in Gaming
12 Using ODROIDs in Commercial Applications of High Performance Computing (HPC)
14 Real-Time Mobile Eye Tracking on the ODROID Development Platform
16 Running Linux Programs Under Android: A Guide to Linux Chroot
18 I/O Ports on ODROID-U3: Get Started with Tinkering
20 On the Performance of SD Cards: Know More About Your Storage Options
21 Playing Youtube Content on Linux
22 ODROID-U3 vs. ODROID-U2: The Next-Generation U3 Improves Upon the Popular U2
23 ODROID-U3 vs. Raspberry Pi: Need More Bang for Your Buck? U3 Will Get You There!
26 Meet an ODROIDian: A Personal One-On-One With Justin Lee, CEO of Hardkernel