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January 2016

ODROID Magazine is celebrating the beginning of its third year! All of our contributors constantly amaze us with their innovations. Each month, our regular columnists like Tobias, Venkat and Nanik write fantastic in-depth tutorials and reviews that help our readers find new ways to work with and enjoy their ODROIDs. We look forward to continuing to produce the best magazine […]

December 2015

The day has finally come when robots are completely replacing humans, at least on the soccer field! Meet Faro, the robotic ODROID-powered goalkeeper, part of a team of advanced humanoid robots that belong to the Robocup Foundation, whose goal is to eventually defeat a World Cup level human soccer team. Using an ODROID-C1, the Gadjah Mada Robotic Team has developed […]

November 2015

High fidelity audio reproduction has traditionally implied spending a lot of money, but Hardkernel’s new HiFi-Shield (USD $39 at http://bit.ly/1M6UIXY) makes it very cost-effective to turn your ODROID-C1+ into a professional quality music player. When used with software such as RuneAudio or Volumio, it’s perfect as the center of an integrated home audio system that can be managed from a […]

October 2015

This month, we feature two extremely useful servers that run very well on the ODROID platform: Apache Tomcat and Plex Media Server. Apache Tomcat is an open-source web server and servlet container that provides a “pure Java” HTTP web server environment for Java code to run in. It allows you to write complex web applications in Java without needing to […]

September 2015

The geniuses at Hardkernel have recently created an exciting new personal DIY cloud server kit called Cloudshell. Intended for users who desire maximum privacy, it can hold an ODROID-XU4 along with a hard drive and 3.2” LCD panel that can be accessed remotely using open source cloud software such as OwnCloud. The new ODROID-C1+, an update to the popular ODROID-C1, […]

August 2015

Hardkernel recently released the latest generation of the XU series called the ODROID-XU4, which not only succeeds the XU3 as the top-end model, but also replaces the discontinued U3 as the most versatile ODROID available. It boasts an octa-core processor which is compatible with all XU3 software, along with several improvements such as a smaller footprint and a more affordable […]

July 2015

One of the more popular uses of ODROIDs is for a media center, and Popcorn Time is an all-in-one software package that can stream nearly any type of movie or television show. It runs very well on the ODROID-U3, turning it into a very useful, yet inexpensive, set-top box. As usual, we feature fun gaming options for the ODROID platform, […]

June 2015

Dongjin, one of the Hardkernel engineers, decided to build a case for his ODROID that looks like the Macintosh Plus model from his youth. We think he did a great job in creating a modern, futuristic version of that classic computer. Since we did a feature article on building a Truck PC last year, we’ve had requests for a similar […]

May 2015

Gaming is one of our favorite ODROID pastimes, with dozens of emulators available on both Linux and Android. Tobias, our celebrated Linux gaming columnist, evaluates some of the best Nintendo 64 games available on a C1, U3 and XU3 to find out which platform is most suitable for smooth game play. We also take a look at Arx Fatalis, Quake […]