ODROID-N2 Review

The ODROID-N2 has a huge potential and is the most powerful ARM SBC I have ever seen. It suits many use cases, ranging from a home/mini server to a full-featured media center or desktop computer running almost any workload either installed or in containers.  ▶


Kubernetes On An ODROID-N2 Cluster

Overview Kubernetes (or k8s for short) is an extensible open source container orchestration platform designed for managing containerized workloads and services at scale. It helps in automated deployment, scaling, and management of container centric application workloads across a cluster of nodes (bare-metal, virtual, or cloud) by orchestrating compute, network, and  ▶


ODROID-N2 UART Custom Baud Rate for MIDI

I needed my ODROID-N2’s UART port to operate at a non-standard baud rate so that I could use MIDI. I edited the UART driver code to set baudrate to 31250 when setting baud rate to 38400, then wrote test code using wiringPi, and measured the baud rate. UART driver after  ▶