October 2017 (Multimedia Home Server)

This month, we concentrate on home server and high performance computing solutions using the new ODROID-MC1 and ODROID-HC1. OpenMediaVault is a way to securely share files across the Internet so that you can access them from your smartphone or remotely from anywhere in the world. Docker Swarm mode allows multiple computers to be used as a distributed server, increasing the redundancy of critical applications. Because of the modularity of the new ODROIDs, parallel computing is much more available using MPJ Express as a foundation for solving complex issues with distributed computing models. KVM is a way to virtualize your computer in order to turn it into a hypervisor, allowing multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host.

Gaming is always a popular application for ODROIDs, and we feature two DIY articles that show you how to create a portable gaming machine to support a variety of console emulators. Brian Kim, a Hardkernel engineer, also offers a peek into his lifestyle with our popular Meet An ODROIDian column. For those who enjoyed the previous PDF version of ODROID Magazine before we transitioned to an HTML-based webzine, rest assured that we are continuing to improve the accessibility and legibility of our magazine, and plan to offer an additional offline PDF version of the current issues soon.