September 2017 (ODROID-HC1)

We have transitioned to an HTML version of the magazine, which has quite a few improvements over the PDF version:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Comments for each article
  • Code blocks are no longer inappropriately hyphenated
  • Google searches will bring up individual articles
  • Categories and tags make it easy to find groups of topic-related articles
  • Leverages browser accessibility options for visually impaired users
  • In-site search box reveals individual articles instead of entire issues
  • Social media sharing options for each article

We will be incrementally improving the website interface over the next few months, including adding an option to read an entire issue from a single web page without additional clicking, migrating important articles from select back issues into the HTML format, re-introducing the Spanish version of the site, and iterating on the interface to make it more usable. We hope you enjoy it!

You can read the new HTML version at


  1. Where is the HTML version of the magazine?
    If it is the page where you have to choose the tags to read an article… Not for me…
    Prefer a PDF that is accessible more like a magazine or book. Much easier to read for me.

    • We are looking into providing a single page where you can read the full text of all articles in a certain issue on a single scrollable page. For now, the current issue is available at, which gives you the table of contents for that issue. You can then click on each article to read them. Bear with us while we complete our transition, and we will try to make the new site as easy to read as the PDF was.

  2. If you’re not going to publish in pdf format any more, that’s fine, but please provide Mobi or Epub format instead, and if that’s not possible, put the entire html tree into a zip file for easy download please…

  3. As moderating these comments away did not work as intended, I would like to ask for a statement from the ODroid Magazine editors if the PDF magazine will indeed be discontinued and replaced by a monthly blogdump. As stated in all the comments above, the PDF format is favored.

    If someone prefers the HTML version, please comment as well, so this sentiment could be taken into account. I personally do not see the advantages of the HTML format, but that might just be me.

    • As mentioned previously, we are looking into providing a single page where you can read the full text of all articles in a certain issue on a single scrollable page, so that you can use “Save As HTML” in your browser menu to access the content offline. We are experimenting with providing that page as a PDF as well, with the sidebars, header, and footer removed for legibility. Please bear with us while we complete our transition. In the meantime, we are providing the same high-quality, free content as we always have, with articles from around the world by volunteer authors, highlighting the versatility of ODROID SBCs and accessories.

      • Rob Roy, thank you for the thoughtful response. Still, I would recommend you keep the PDF and also publish each article in the magazine as a HTML post during the month following each issue.

        This will promote the magazine/blog as each submission can each be picked up by other linking sites so you will have more attention gathering moments per month, while also keeping the people that know and love your PDF format. I would even consider also making use of the suggested epub and maybe even mobi format, to grow your reader base.

        In time a new following that will never use the PDF will grow, and this way you do not need to turn anyone away by changing unilaterally and without prior notice. This strategy will alienate your current readers, for the uncertain future of just being a blog.

        If people will switch over to the HTML format, that clearly is the best road forward. If not, this will show that PDF is the best way, and you will hedge your bets.

        I have always liked the PDF format myself, and this distribution method has gathered a lot of users that like reading offline. I understand that going over to HTML will gather you more stats and maybe advertisers, but that does not mean your target audience is ready to switch. Please let them decide for themselves, instead of forcing them.

        I have loved the information the magazine provides, but being forced to change is not very nice to me. I have read the magazine since issue 2, and have learned a lot from the information in it. I read the magazine during offline times, so a HTML version is not a real alternative to me.

        I would like to say I will read the new version as attentively, but I can already predict it will slip from my attention. Reading the magazine while offline gave me a better chance to really take the time to enjoy the information. Skimming is a problem that many blogs suffer from, and the PDF version solved this for me, and I think a lot of other readers.

        I consider yours a privileged position, and if I were in your shoes I would not easily give that up. It is much more difficult to build a magazine, and a lot of blogs would give up a lot for the option of having such a captive audience. More advertising does not weigh up to that, im my opinion.

        I still hope to have one of my projects featured in your PDF edition some day, so please keep it in place 🙂

        Thanks for the hard work all of the contributors did to build the magazine, I will miss it if it changes.

  4. I would like to join the PDF-Chorus too.

    I understand the effort it takes to produce a (semi) print magazine and how much easier it is to publish it in a website that is much easier and prompter updated.

    Nevertheless and a little selfish … since about 20 years I have all my interesting data on my hard disks and indexed (Using Recoll with ubuntu). Primarily technical info, magazines etc.
    So when I look for issues, I usually go for local storage first, because I most of the time know that I read about a certain solution.

    Alternatively I would take any (rich) format that prints within Chrome as PDF.


  5. Team ODROID,

    I would also prefer the PDF versions I keep them on my home system, on my iPad, and in the office so others may read.

    HTML is fine, but keep the PDF too.


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