September 2017 (ODROID-HC1)

We have transitioned to an HTML version of the magazine, which has quite a few improvements over the PDF version:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Comments for each article
  • Code blocks are no longer inappropriately hyphenated
  • Google searches will bring up individual articles
  • Categories and tags make it easy to find groups of topic-related articles
  • Leverages browser accessibility options for visually impaired users
  • In-site search box reveals individual articles instead of entire issues
  • Social media sharing options for each article

We will be incrementally improving the website interface over the next few months, including adding an option to read an entire issue from a single web page without additional clicking, migrating important articles from select back issues into the HTML format, re-introducing the Spanish version of the site, and iterating on the interface to make it more usable. We hope you enjoy it!

You can read the new HTML version at