Implementing GPIO IRQ Handlers: Using Python 3 To Control RPi.GPIO

This code and guide are intended to demonstrate GPIO IRQ handling on the ODROID-C1+/C2/XU4/N2. The guide was adapted from the ODROID wiki page at https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-xu4/application_note/gpio/rpi.gpio_irq. We can simply implement GPIO IRQ handler with Python 2/3. In this guide, we will use Python 3 for programming the handler. Before getting started,  ▶


Having Fun with GPIO on Android

The ODROID-C1/C1+, ODROID-C2, and ODROID-XU4 have on-board GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins that allow the control of external devices through software. In order to access the GPIO port properly, you must install the Android Marshmallow version 2.8 image or higher on the ODROID-C2, the Android KitKat version 3.2 image or  ▶


August 2019 (Kubernetes on the ODROID-N2)

This month, we get Kubernetes up and running on the ODROID-N2 to create a power-efficient container orchestration system.  Dave Prochnow shows us how to create an ODROID-C0 powered tablet running Android. For our ODROID-N2, we look at multi-booting and OS selecting from a single disk, as well as using our  ▶