Remote Control GPIO: Python Version of the Atlas Toolkit

I wanted to control the GPIO of my headless ODROID-C2 with a smartphone, so I developed a web application which can be seen as a web interface to the WiringPi library. In this first release, you can set the pin mode between IN, OUT and (software) PWM, and, for the OUT and PWM mode, set the value of the pin. To use it with the Python version of the WiringPi library installed, simply type the following commands:

$ git clone
$ sudo python GPIO
After the second command, open the displayed URL in a web browser. From that web page, you can now edit the GPIO status of your ODROID-C2. The GPIO and RGB applications are designed to be used on an ODROID-C2. The Python version of WiringPi must be installed using the following command:
$ pip install wiringpi
The application has to be launched with sudo:
$ sudo python GPIO
$ sudo python RGB
The following applications are only examples. You can easily write your own applications.

(Figure 1 - RGB Application demonstration

(Figure 2 - GPIO Application demonstration

The RGB application is designed to control a RGB led. There is a video at to demonstrate how it works. The GPIO allows to control the basic pins. There is a video at to demonstrate how it works. For further information, please see the project’s git README page at

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