Multi-booting on ODROID-N2: Add The Ability to Select Multiple Operating Systems From A Single Disk

There have been many demands to manage multiple OS and many SBC users had tried to run multiple OS installed in eMMC, uSD and USB storage and, as such, instructions were introduced with a script or Linux commands, as well. Many users succeeded with it but the instructions are not simple for users who are not familiar with the Linux system. We want to help new users who wish to use two OS but having trouble to set up multiple OS environments.  ▶


A Powerful Multiboot Image for the ODROID-C2: Run Android, Ubuntu MATE, and LibreELEC From A Single Boot Device

I started this journey with a Raspberry Pi 2 device and a bootloader called: “Berryboot” (I am not its developer) that actually is still active and supported by the Raspberry Pi community. Then I heard about this amazing device called ODROID-C2 more powerful than a Raspberry Pi 2 device and actually the same price, so more power more fun, right?  ▶