October 2018 (Car Infotainment)

For this October’s issue, Tobias Schaaf makes us all nostalgia in part 1 of his Game Nostalgia series. @Kamots shows us his ODROID-GO wireless charging mod, which is perfect as our Coding Camp guide this month describes reading the ODROID-GO’s battery voltage. @poptmartone takes his ODROID-C2 on the road running Android Auto, as he shows off his astounding car infotainment unit mod. In part 5 of Erik Koenere’s BASH Basics series, he teaches us about ‘if statements’, ‘inputs’, and ‘functions’. Dongjin Kim shows as a new testing tool for all ODROIDians to use, a cloud-based ODROID testing platform called ODROID bench. Lastly, we meet another ODROIDian in this issue, David Knight, an optometrist from Newcastle, UK.