July 2018 (ODROID-GO)

This month we celebrate Hardkernel’s 10-year anniversary with the release of the ODROID-GO, which is an amazing mobile development platform as well as retro-gaming system! We have a look at getting more acceleration from our XU4 with GPU accelerated Qt5 and OpenCL. We also look at getting a Tor relay, Recalbox, and Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) running on our XU4 as well. Luckily we have a 2 part guide this month on liquid cooling to keep all these awesome projects running smoothly at peak performance. DongHyun Yoo shows us how to do object tracking with the XU4, and Erik Koennecke shows us some helpful insight into using BASH. Additionally, we have an informative look at Linux Gaming with an article from Tobias, and a great DIY Smart Light Project using Home Assistant from Adrian Popa. Be sure you have a look at this!