May 2018 (Android Auto)

This month’s issue is packed with great articles! We have several terrific articles to help with hard drive management and data backup, which will be perfect when building your new NAS. Once we get our hard drives sorted out, Neal Kim's UPS tutorial will ensure that our ODROID-HC2 keeps going even with a power outage. Gary Morgan shows off his custom-made media center ODROID-C2 case complete with its own LED lighting. We get to take our ODROIDs out on the road with Chris Kim using his tutorial on installing the hardware and software for Android Auto. Additionally, we return to the wild west with @hominoid for more on crypto-currency mining with the XU4. Hardkernel shows off a new USB3.0 eMMC Module reader/writer to help speed up flashing eMMC Modules. Finally, we meet a fellow ODROIDian, Matthew Kinderwater. Have a look - there are plenty of additional articles included!