Your Very Own Mobile Internet Device

This is a MID or mobile internet device in the same vein, with the same unending promise, as the pocket computers of old. Cellular-connected and running a full desktop operating system, this device can enable you in a way that current hand-held mobile platforms will not.  ▶

NTP server

Creating an NTP Server Using GPS/PPS

You can build your own Network Time Protocol (NTP) server using GPS and PPS on your ODROID. This system gives you very accurate time which can be very useful for specific use cases. As a result, our local server can have a very accurate time with less than 10 microseconds of tolerance.  ▶


Android Development: Using GitHub

Welcome back, appdev initiates! If you’re like me, you’re more than ready to increase your app development skills. As mentioned previously, the 800-pound gorilla of online open source projects is GitHub. There are several Git-based choices in the marketplace, but for our purposes, we will use GitHub for this column,  ▶