Android app development

Android Development: So, You Want to Be an App Developer?

So, you want to be an app developer? Let’s see what I can do to help you with that! A casual survey of the back issues of ODROID Magazine has shown that there are plenty of in-depth, detailed articles about Android on ODROID. What the community has been missing is a series of “So, you want to get started with this” articles.  ▶


Home Assistant: A DIY Smart Light Project

Ever since I started working with Home Assistant and automating various things around the house I wanted to have a way to control the lights. I looked at smart light bulbs, like Philips Hue, but they are expensive. Also, most solutions use proprietary protocols or cloud services which may leak personal data, or might stop working in the future leaving you with expensive paperweights. The solution: Sonoff wifi switches built by Itead in conjunction with ODROIDs  ▶


How to Setup a Minecraft Server

Este artículo detalla cómo instalar un servidor básico de Minecraft en tu ODROID, para que puedas ejecutar juegos online con algunos de tus amigos en un mundo creado por ti. Usar el ODROID como un sandbox – entorno de pruebas – de bajo coste también es una excelente forma de probar mapas, actualizaciones y modificaciones antes de subirlos a un servidor público.  ▶


Introduction to BASH Basics – Part 2: Useful BASH commands for Single Board Computers

Last time, we learned about the ‘ls’ and ‘tree’ commands. While looking at things is nice, it’s more fun to actually do something with our data. This article contains a list of the common commands for manipulating data. The command and its explanation are kept very brief to avoid writing a Linux encyclopedia and boring you all to death. They should just bring the existence of a command to your attention.  ▶


CarPC In this article, I’d like to introduce you to my CarPC project. This project is built from four main parts: A custom display based on a 2 DIN Android head unit case ODROID-XU4Q ZTE Blade for 3G modem and GPS tracking when the car is shut off LG LAC5900RN  ▶

crypto-currency mining

Prospectors, Miners and 49er’s – Part 3: Operation and Maintenance of Crypto-Currency Mining Systems

In the last two articles for the Prospectors, Miners and 49er’s series, I introduced dual CPU/GPU Mining with sgminer-arm-5.5.6-RC and briefly examined system thermal trends and GPU tuning. In this third article, we’ll take a look at the broader operational issues of crypto-currency mining and its system and maintenance ramifications,  ▶