BASH Basics: Introduction to BASH - Part 7

After all the theoretical stuff in the last few parts of this series, we’re going to take a breather and deal with clever ways to increase productivity in BASH when working with ODROID. The default Ubuntu MATE system is chock-full of useful utilities without requiring so much as installing additional programs. Now, let us take this unused potential for a spin.  ▶

Sega Saturn Games on ODROID

Linux Gaming on ODROID: Saturn Games – Part 4

We are back again with the ODROID-XU4/XU4 and Sega Saturn games. This time I want to look into games starting with the letter “S” like in Saturn, or as in “shmup”. There are so many great games for the Sega Saturn that start with the letter “S” that I enjoy  ▶

Deploying Stack Swarm in Docker Swarm

ODROID-HC1 Swarm Cluster

The Docker team has developed a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers, called swarm. This article describes how one can create an ODROID-HC1 based swarm cluster. This cluster fits in a 19″ rack.  ▶