Wireless Access Point

Hardkernel offers a few USB based WiFi modules to enable WiFi connectivity for their Single Board Computers (SBCs). Some of them can also be used to deploy these SBCs as Access Points.  ▶


Introduction to BASH Basics – Part 2: Useful BASH commands for Single Board Computers

Last time, we learned about the ‘ls’ and ‘tree’ commands. While looking at things is nice, it’s more fun to actually do something with our data. This article contains a list of the common commands for manipulating data. The command and its explanation are kept very brief to avoid writing a Linux encyclopedia and boring you all to death. They should just bring the existence of a command to your attention.  ▶


Getting Started With OpenCL: Using The ODROID-XU4

While I tested OpenGL ES with tools like glmark2-es2 and es2gears, as well as WebGL demos in Chromium, I did not test OpenCL, since I’m not that familiar with it, except it’s used for GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) to accelerate tasks like image/audio processing. That was a good excuse to  ▶


How to Setup a Minecraft Server

Este artículo detalla cómo instalar un servidor básico de Minecraft en tu ODROID, para que puedas ejecutar juegos online con algunos de tus amigos en un mundo creado por ti. Usar el ODROID como un sandbox – entorno de pruebas – de bajo coste también es una excelente forma de probar mapas, actualizaciones y modificaciones antes de subirlos a un servidor público.  ▶