December 2017 (Bluetooth)

This month, our feature article shows you how to create a hands-free Bluetooth connection with your iPhone for use in the car. We also introduce Hardkernel's latest audio device, the Stereo Boom Bonnet, and present a sound engineering project on how to improve the sound of any speaker with a simple design that you can make at home. For those who want to get the most from their CloudShell and Cloudshell 2 device, Mike describes how he built a custom status display for use with the built-in LCD.

Adrian continues his series on using Home Assistant to create "smart" appliances, Andy details client performance using GlusterFS, and Tom shows us how to recognize objects in images using YOLO. As always, Bruno hand-picked some of the latest Android games for your ODROID, and Tobias demonstrates the power of Linux gaming with a review of Need For Speed II Second Edition.