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As you read this article in March 2019, the release of the much anticipated and equally delayed Plunder Kings from Goodnight Games should have already happened in late February. You’ll recall that Goodnight Games initially promised this wild flying shoot-em-up in February 2018, so you may be tempted to take this revised release date with a grain of salt. That is, until you watch the most recent trailer from Goodnight Games at

There it is at the end of the video, a new release date of February 26, 2019! So, seeing might be believing, eh? At any rate, Plunder Kings is an incredibly powerful, gorgeous top-view scroller that features ships, baddies, and weapons galore (Figure 1). There’s a twist, though. During the game you can take your loot at the end of a level, or you can slug it out and keep on playing, risking death and the loss of your ill-gotten loot.

Figure 1 - Thar she blows! Plunder Kings mayhem
Figure 1 - Thar she blows! Plunder Kings mayhem

But it gets even better than that, folks.

Prior to the launch of every mission, you can make a wager on how many waves you can vanquish. If you win this wager, you can cash in on a king’s wealth of booty, boosts, and pirate plunder. Alas, if you lose, you truly lose...everything. Is it worth the gamble? Hey, it’s Vegas, baby and you’re a pirate, so go for it (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Intra-game communication in Plunder Kings
Figure 2 - Intra-game communication in Plunder Kings

It’s Your Tale and You’re Free to Rewrite It

Another highly anticipated title release is already racking up the rave reviews. Revolve8 from SEGA is a real-time strategy game with “episodic”--that’s a SEGA term--dueling posed inside a fairy tale. This game is free to download and play, and includes in-app purchases. As we’ve come to expect from SEGA games, Revolve8 sports beautiful graphics, realistic game play, and a captivating soundtrack (Figure 3). Better than that, the credits for this game read like a who’s who of landmark computer gaming: the senior producer is Masayoshi Kikuchi, character designer is Koji Igarashi, with Ryota-H as the character artist, and Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Yasunori Mitsuda as sound producers. This legendary role call equates to classic titles like Yakuzza, Jet Set Radio, Castlevania, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. WOW!

So grab your card deck, smack down your opponents, and escape into your own world.

Figure 3 - Revolve8 from SEGA will take your ODROID gaming skills to the limit
Figure 3 - Revolve8 from SEGA will take your ODROID gaming skills to the limit

Need one last reason to download Revolve8? Check out this English language trailer at

Not Craw; Craw

Looking for a little gaming distraction while waiting for these new releases to arrive? Okay, how about some part-time work? Better yet, a Part Time UFO (Figure 4). It sounds totally whack, but driving this blocky UFO around and picking stuff up with its extendible/retractable claw can be therapeutic. Created by HAL Laboratory, Inc. in early 2018, Part Time UFO retails for $3.99 and can become addictive. Consider yourself forewarned, former Flappy Bird addicts.

Figure 4 - Blocky fun that will grab you in Part Time UFO
Figure 4 - Blocky fun that will grab you in Part Time UFO

The faster you can grab and deliver stuff, the bigger the bonuses you will bag. Along the way, you can pick up extra work--like that vase that’s hiding by the building, just go ahead and grab it. Bingo, you just scored an extra bonus because you piled your vase on top of other stuff. These bonus piles don’t last too long, so scoot your little UFO around pronto before your bonuses are outta this world. Cue the video:

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Good golly, Miss Molly. It seems like an eternity--two and a half years IS an eternity in the Android gaming industry--since we last heard about Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. Announced by the developer Cornfox & Bros. as a successor to their hit title Oceanhorn, development was proceeding at a torrid pace until Epic Games got involved. However, this involvement was totally expected, since Oceanhorn 2 is being coded with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.

Ironically, it’s because of Epic Games’ involvement that we have this surprise, press-stopping announcement. At a gaming event in Helsinki, Finland that was hosted by Epic Games, an advanced release of Oceanhorn 2 was available for attendees to play. While the video is kinda dodgy, you can catch some glimpses of the game in action. Featuring a 2nd-person perspective game play, Oceanhorn 2 looks great and should be welcomed by all Zelda aficionados. The video is available at

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