Retro-Go: Yet Another ODROID-GO Emulator Launcher

Retro-Go is a launcher with NES/GB/GBC/SMS/GameGear/Colecovision emulators. The emulator's code is based on Go-Play "Triforce" and the launcher's design is strongly inspired by pelle7's; however, it isn't a fork.


  • In game menus
  • Smoother/faster transitions
  • Adjust RTC and preserve time between plays
  • Launcher style is customizable
  • Hide unwanted emulators
  • NES PAL support
  • Improved game compatibility
  • More scaling options
  • Bilinear filtering
  • Fixed many crashes
  • Easy to build
  • And more!


I encourage you to read the README ( to see the key bindings and more details.

Code, assets, and releases:

Repository: Releases:

Figure 1 - Preview screenshots

For the original article and latest download link, please see the following post at:

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