Recreating a Mac Plus: Using the ODROID-GO as a Macintosh Emulator

For fans of the Macintosh Plus, there is now a way to run an emulator on the ODROID-GO! Based on the work from, this project leverages the fact that both the original project and the GO use an ESP32 microcontroller.

You can find my adaptation at, with an FW release available at To use it, you need to copy two files to a folder called "/roms/macplus" in the root directory of the SD card:

Simplified setup

For a minimal and quick installation, can download the firmware from, then put at least two files in a folder called “/roms/macplus” in the root directory of the SD card:

  • One *.rom file
  • At least one bootable disk image (Might be *.image, *.drv, *.hfv, *.raw or *.dsk)

As an example, the ROM file could be "1986-03 - 4D1F8172 - MacPlus v3.ROM", which can be extracted by downloading the file from the Macintosh Repository at ... s-68k-ppc-. The disk image could be "System Tools.image" extracted from at

Figure 1 - This is a spiffy project, if you own a GO device, you should try it out!

I also made some improvements, including:

  • Virtual scrolling, so that the screen follows the mouse
  • An on-screen keyboard, which can be toggled using the “B” key
  • Speed improvements

Feel free to create your one disks with all the nice programs you can find on the web. You can use up to 4 disk images (each 20 MB maximum size) at the same time. You can use the cool emulator at to prepare your disks on a PC, and then copy them to your ODROID-GO. For comments, questions, and suggestions, please visit the original forum post at

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