ODROID-XU4 ORA Base Image v1.5.2: Sammy Atomiswave, Sega Naomi, Sega Saturn and More!

Team ORA has just released version 1.5.1 v1.5.2 of their awesome ORA Base image for the ODROID-XU4, that is without a doubt one of the most dedicated Retropie-related extension teams we see in existence. These guys have truly smashed the barriers of single board computer game play: this latest base image includes the ability to play Sega Saturn, Sega Naomi and Sammy Atomiswave, as well as a few you’ve probably not seen before!


Build your image

The v1.5.2 ORA Base image contains only a handful of games. It includes Doom 1 and 2 along with a few text-based RPG games, but it’s safe to say that you need to build your own image, unless of course, you only want it for Doom.

Like any self-built image, you are going to need to download the BIOS for each emulator that is not already included. For this new image, you need the DC Bios (Dreamcast) (official wiki) which also controls Naomi and Atomiswave, as well as the Sega Saturn Bios (official wiki). You are also going to need to get some ROMS on the image. This article focuses on Saturn, Naomi and Atomiswave only, since we assume you know how to do the rest, based on previous self-builds. You need to check out the above wikis to ensure that your ROMS are in the correct format.

For Sega Saturn games, there is a great compatibility list here on the developer’s site. For Atomiswave and Naomi, there is almost complete compatibility across ROMs. Check out the video below for a great Atomiswave games test.


OGST screen support

It’s no secret that Team ORA has had nothing but headaches working on OGST screen support, and it’s with great surprise that this version 1.5.2 includes OGST Screen support. Check out the video below for the official Retro Arena demonstration:

https://youtu.be/J5pKzrEH01k Also included on this image are two systems that you may not have heard of or played yet: the Sharp x1 and the NEC-PC9801. Both of them are showcased in the first video of this article. It’s only a matter of time before a good image creator gets their hands on this and produces a fully loaded image, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out yourself!



  • Added Unified Theme
  • PC98 and PC88 Support Added
  • Atari 5200 changed to LR-Atari800 and set Cart dir
  • Sharp X1 Installed
  • Sharp X1 and PC-98 case art added
  • Updated Yabasanshiro to include new Controller GUI option
  • Updated LR-Reiecast to add keyboard support and possible light gun support and bug fixes
  • Updated to latest RetroArch-Dev build
  • PC-98 tweaks to enhance experience
  • TI-99 case art added
  • Yabasanshiro update – bug fixes
  • Fix missing BIOS pop-up
  • git issue requiring `git reset –hard` command fixed
  • Installed basic CEC utilities
  • Installed DraStic and fixed systems list to remove duplicate NDS in the systems wheel
  • Installed N64 Case package along with basic media pack
  • 4DO updates enabling various enhancements
  • Saturn system has been added
  • Additional chiptunes added to library for BGM
  • Updated Splashscreen to 10 second Intro
  • Installed lr-reicast
  • Updated Showcase for new systems
  • Updated Yabansanshiro and set default to midres
  • Installed RetroArch-Dev package
  • Updated N64 Case screen scripting to move images to /etc/emulationstation/ogst/
  • Created rc.local.bak for screen support
  • ixed PPSSPP permissions
  • Added ES Screen Image


  • Updated ES to correct Odroid Spelling
  • PSX – Disabled Screen Duping on default emulator
  • Yabasanshiro Player 1 & 2 ID fix
  • Fixed Screen art for PC-FX
  • Fixed fan/case bug – using fan scripts had caused case to disable
  • Added wiki link to dc_bios_readme.txt


  • Fixed git sync issue for platforms.cfg for addition of Sharp X1
  • Enabled Favorites and All Games in ES menu

You can download the XU4-ORA-Base RP-Pub-v1.5.2 -Odroid.Retro.Arena image from the ORA images page at https://www.arcadepunks.com/download-odroid-images/.


ODROID Retro Arena Website ODROID Retro Arena Discord

For comments, questions and suggestions, please visit the original article at https://www.arcadepunks.com/odroid-xu4-ora-base-image-v1-5-1-sammy-atomiswave-sega-naomi-sega-saturn-and-more/.

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