Android Oreo: Get The Latest Version of Android For Your ODROID-XU4

ODROID Forum user voodik has been porting Android 8.1 (based on LineageOS 15.1) for ODROID-XU4 since last October. He recently released the first alpha version for community debugging.

What works

  • Hardware-accelerated GPU driver for 3D rendering
  • Hardware-accelerated VPG driver for video playing
  • Ethernet
  • GPS receiver
  • USB sound card
  • WiFi (including AP mode)
  • Bluetooth Source mode
  • Navigation bar
  • Antutu benchmark score looks great

Known issues

  • Bluetooth Sink mode
  • Some problems with Play Store: When downloading the app, you may get stuck with a “Download Pending” message. Just kill the Play Store in recent apps and open it again
  • Not all ODROID-specific features are ported at this point, such as using the mouse wheel to zoom. These are currently works in progress.

Feel free to join the debug party by visiting the development thread at You can also contribute to the kernel source on Github at

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