Scientific Cluster Computations On An ODROID-MC1

Common state-of-the-art simulations employ hundreds of thousands CPU cores on high-performance computing (HPC) systems to solve big societal challenges. In this context, the scalability and the simulation kernel performance are key to efficient multi-core computations.  ▶

Linux Kernel For ODROID

Linux Kernel 4.14: ODROID-XU3/4/MC1/HC1 Support

This kernel version becomes particularly attractive for the Exynos 5422 ODROIDs, especially since it includes important fixes for the hardware video decoder and encoder (MFC), the hardware scaler and color space converter (GScaler), and a brand new driver for the HDMI CEC, that exposes the device as a infrared remote control.  ▶


Low Cost Water Cooling for your Single Board Computer: Get The Maximum Speed From Your ODROID

SBC water cooling is not new and others have implemented designs using off the shelf components for the ODROID-XU4 and other SBC. Some implementations have already been covered in ODROID Magazine in the past. December 2016 July 2018 The focus of this project was initially to make  ▶