Building Kodi: Enabling Automatic Frame Rate Control

This guide assumes that you have installed the packages from the first post, https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=32173#p233475, and are using the exact same OS image, as this is not tested on any other image. We are again modifying the kernel, and I am in no way responsible for any damage on your hardware.  ▶


May 2019 (NetBSD on the ODROID-C2)

This month’s issue is filled with terrific articles, covering a range of topics so there is something for everyone! For all you NetBSD fans out there, there is a great article by Edward Kisiel highlighting running NetBSD on the ODROID-C2. For the ODROID-HC1 and HC2, there are two great articles.  ▶


Upgrading Ubuntu to 18.04

When Ubuntu 18.04 was launched for ODROID-C2 in summer of 2018, Hardkernel stated that unfortunately, due to complicated dependency issues it was impossible to upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 (at that time). That time is gone, let's rock an upgrade for a new release.  ▶


Build Your Own ODROID-HC1 BitTorrent Seed Server

BitTorrent provides a means of crowd-sharing files; peer-to-peer via “torrent” files. At its heart, BitTorrent allows distributed hosting and sharing of files in such a way that the original uploader doesn’t have to provide all the bandwidth or storage space for people to be able to download the file.I’ll be using an ODROID-HC1 because I want to use a SSD and make this tiny server entirely solid-state. If you’d prefer to use a 3.5” spinning drive you can opt for the ODROID-HC2, and follow the same directions below.  ▶


January 2019 (5 Year Anniversary)

We are excited to announce that it’s our 5th anniversary of the ODROID magazine! Justin Lee, CEO of Hardkernel, gives us the history of the company in our “Meet An ODROIDian” section. Additionally, Bruno does an amazing job of giving us a retrospective of ODROID magazine in his article. If  ▶