June 2017


When ODROIDians give feedback, Hardkernel listens! The best example of this is the new ODROID-XU4Q (Q for Quiet), which is in response to many requests for a silently operating ODROID. Like the X2, U2, U3, and C2, the new XU4Q comes pre-installed with a heatsink instead of a fan, which does a great job of cooling the device without any fan noise. For high-performance applications, the original XU4 is still the best choice, but if you’re just watching videos, browsing the Internet, or creating documents, the quiet version offers the same responsiveness and speed that you’ve come to expect from the XU series.

The new XU4Q also comes with an updated case, but that hasn’t stopped ODROID fans from building their own optimized cases that are both beautiful and functional. Edward follows up his original case article with more improvements to an artful enclosure that you can 3D print at home, Tobias brings us a detailed review of ExaGear 2.0 along with a surprise game, Marian introduces the Wayland compositor, Adrian describes using NetConsole for system logging, and Jörg continues his series on building a home alarm system with ultra-low power motion sensors.

Table of Contents

6 Gnome 3: Wayland on the ODROID-XU4

8 Getting Kernel Boot And Panic Messages With NetConsole: Monitor Your System Even Without A Serial Console

10 ODROID-XU4Q (Q For Quiet): A Completely Silent Version Of The Powerful ODROID-XU4 Octa-Core Computer

14 XU4 Case – Part 2: A Futuristic Design For Your 3D Printer – Passive Vs Active

17 GNUPlot: Create Multi-File Charts

18 Linux Gaming: ExaGear Desktop 2.0

27 Alarm Central – Part 2: Ultra-Low Power Motion Sensors

29 Crossy Space: A Journey Where No Crossy Game Has Gone Before

30 Meet An ODROIDian: Davidson Braga De Souza (@Snk)