May 2017


Do you have an old Nintendo or other gaming console that doesn’t work anymore? Don’t throw it away! You can refurbish it with an ODROID-XU4 running ODROID GameStation Turbo, RetroPie or Lakka and turn it into a multi-platform emulator station that can play thousands of different console games. Our main feature this month details how to fit everything into an N64 shell, breathing new life into an old dusty console case.

ODROIDs are extremely versatile, and can be used for music playback, as described in our Volumio 2 article, developing Android apps, as Nanik demonstrates in his article on the Android Debug Bridge, and process control, as shown by Charles and Neal in their discussion of the RS485 communication protocol. We also have a guide to setting up RetroPie, a gaming OS, which now offers native ODROID-C2 support in version 4.2. Adrian details how to add more buttons to your ODROID-C1 or C2, Lorenzo presents his technique for using an infrared remote control with Android, and Tobias continues his Linux Gaming column with a look at the very popular racing game series called F-Zero.

Table of Contents

6 Volumio 2 Plugins: Stream Music with Spotify

7 Multiclick Button Handler For 3.5” LCD And Webcam: Getting The Most Out Of The Hardware Buttons

10 XU4 Gaming Emulator: Time To Repurpose That Old Console You Bought From The Flea Market

12 Deep Diving Inside Android: Debug Bridge (ADB) – Part 1

14 Android Navigation: Using An Infrared Remote Control

17 Linux Gaming: F-Zero Series Car Racing

20 A New ODROID Store Is Open In The US: Visit

21 RetroPie Version 4.2: Now Offering Native ODROID-C2 Support

24 Exploring RS485 Communication on C1+ and C2 Boards

25 Spaceteam: Now Your Friends Have A Good Reason To Yell Loudly At Each Other

26 Meet an ODROIDian: Stephen Neal (@noggin)