April 2017


Welcome to our 40th issue! When we started publishing the magazine in 2014, there were only two people, Bruno and Rob Roy, producing ODROID Magazine. We’ve since grown the team to eight people and publish in both English and Spanish. We are continually amazed by the creative and innovative projects that the ODROID community sends our way for publication, and do our best to educate the open source hacking community with a variety of software and hardware articles.

Our featured project this month is an amazing retro-looking robot named Walter. He was designed to resemble a 20th century science fiction home servant, complete with dials, knobs, and an avocado green finish! Another interesting project is the ODROID-C2 Wawa laptop, which is an affordable way for children to get started with computers. Miltiadis shows us how to set up a home automation device to control electrical devices, Joshua teaches us how to use Google Cloud Print with any ODROID, and @hominoid presents a gorgeous 3D printed case for the ODROID-XU4 that you can make at home.

Table of Contents

6 Building A Robot: Meet Walter, The Robot From 1968

8 ODROID-C2 Wawa Laptop: Improving Children’s Education

12 Forty Issues, A Recap: If You Haven’t Read Them All, It’s Your Lucky Day!

35 A New ODROID Store Is Opening In The US: Visit ODROIDINC.com

36 CloudShell-2 For The ODROID-XU4: A DIY High-Performance NAS With RAID

40 Google Cloud Print For the ODROID-C2

42 Control Any Electrical Device With An ODROID-C2: A Sample Project

46 XU4 Case: A Futuristic Design For Your 3D Printer

48 Meet An ODROIDian: Charles Park, Hardkernel Co-Founder