March 2017


Everyone loves games, especially the engineers at Hardkernel. Our featured project this month is a custom project built by Brian, John and Charles to highlight the power of the ODROID platform as a versatile game and console emulator. Using the WiringPi library and the popular ODROID GameStation Turbo gaming image, they designed an Arcade Box that looks awesome and runs your favorite games in 1080p resolution. You can build your own and have a great conversation piece for your next gaming party!

Miltos created a useful remote doorbell to see who’s at your door by sending an email with a picture, John shows us how to build a home data center with an ODROID-XU4, and Bo continues his Chronicles of a Mad Scientist with an ultrasonic sensor for his vehicle. Tobias presents OpenFodder, a Cannon Fodder clone that captures the beauty of the original game, Nanik discusses analyzing network usage in Android, and Bruno brings us another installment of his Android Gaming series with Causality.

Table of Contents

6 IoT Doorbell: Get An Email Alert Of The Person At Your Door

11 LineageOS 14.1 For ODROID-XU3/XU4: Forget Cyanogen, The Future Is Here

12 Linux Gaming: Open Fodder

14 Causality: A Time Travel Paradox Puzzle Game For Your Discretion

15 RemotePi Board For the ODROID-C2

18 HiFi Shield 2: The Best Audio You Can Achieve On An ODROID

19 Updated XU4 Manual: Revised For Ubuntu and Newer Peripherals

20 Home Data Center: Code Deployment With ArchLinux

23 The ODROID Arcade Box: Have The Perfect Experience With Your Favorite Arcade Games

28 Android Development: Analyzing Application Network Usage

30 Sensing The Presence: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist

32 Meet an ODROIDian: Viacheslav Alekseev