January 2017


ODROID Magazine is now in its 4th year! We are very excited to continue presenting community-contributed articles and projects that highlight the versatility and portability of Hardkernel’s fantastic line of single board computers. Some of the projects that we have featured in the past year include a water-cooled ODROID-XU4, an Ambilight 4K system, a 42” touchscreen table, and a portable laptop. We look forward to seeing what innovative and unique projects ODROIDians will create in 2017 and beyond.

IoT projects have become a very popular use of ODROIDs, and our resident IoT expert Miltiadis presents a combination of two of his pastimes, wine and computers, that monitor his wine cellar in order to make sure that his valuable collection is aged properly. The system also notifies him via SMS when the wines are ready to enjoy. Max shows us how to set up an at-home chatbot, Brian demonstrates a rear view bike camera to stay safe while riding, @synportack24 gives an overview of the Deluge BitTorrent client, and Tobias shows us how to download online videos for offline viewing. Our featured Android games this month include Pixel Dodgers and Chrome Death for hours of fun!

Table of Contents

6 Iot Environmental Wine Cellar Preserver and Notifier

12 Deluge: Your New Favorite BitTorrent Client

14 Telegram Chatbot: Advanced Home Automation

16 Chrome Death: A Cyberpunk-Themed Action Game That Will Keep Your Adrenaline Pumping

17 ODROID-C1/C2 Paper Case

17 Pixel Dodgers: Fasten Your Fingers And Dodge Fireballs

18 ODROID-C2 Manual: A Guide For All Expertise Levels

19 Portable Arcade Station

20 ODROID Around The World: The International Reach of Hardkernel’s Popular Single Board Computers

22 ClipGrab: Download Your Favorite Videos For Offline Viewing

23 Kodi Screensaver: Control Your CEC-Compatible TV Monitor With This Smooth Feature

24 Rear View Camera: Staying Safe On Your Bicycle

29 32-Bit Executable on 64-Bit Ubuntu: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist

30 Meet An ODROIDian: Fabien Thiriet (@Fab)