December 2016


Hardkernel attended TechCon 2016 in late October, and showed off some of the capabilities of the new ODROID-C2. There were several demos of DIY projects set up, including an Ambilight display, a CloudShell 2 server running the latest mainline kernel, and a touchscreen media player using a HiFi Shield. The liquid cooling setup featured on the cover this month is another example of an amazing DIY project that creates the ultimate system for maximum overclocked performance. It’s a work of functional art that demonstrates the technical expertise of the ODROID community.

Several other projects that community members have created include using an ODROID as a Bluetooth speaker, building a real-time kernel for use in a single-threaded operating system, and designing a combination seedbox and Networked Access Storage unit from an ODROID-XU4 using the CloudShell. Andy concludes his Docker tutorial with an overview of swarm mode, our resident mad scientist Bo details his latest discoveries, Tobias helps us select the best gaming controller with an in-depth review, and Bruno brings us the latest in Android fun with his favorite games of the month.

Table of Contents

6 Hardkernel at ARM TechCon 2016: Showcasing the ODROID-C2

8 Retro Gaming with Exagear

10 Linux Gaming: Choosing the Right Game Controller For Your Playstyle

14 Missiles: There Is No Better Way Of Flying Than Dodging Relentless Attacks

15 Installing A Thermal Receipt Printer On Linux: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist

16 Boot.Ini Persistence: Preserving Changes During An Upgrade

17 Software Equalizer For Android: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist

18 Using The Hardware Encoder Functions of the ODROID-XU4

22 How To Use An ODROID As A Bluetooth Speaker: Music For The Masses

24 ODROID-C2 Real-Time Kernel: Getting Started With An RTOS

25 Ruling The World With Synergy: Chronicles Of A Mad Scientist

26 Why Add Liquid Cooling To An ODROID-XU3 or XU4?

29 Docker 101: Part 2 – Swarm Mode

34 Designing Your Own ODROID Seedbox: Harness The Power Of The Cloudshell

41 Meet An ODROIDian: Daniel Haze (@Fourdee)