October 2016


Although ODROIDs can already play thousands of games, including those available from the Google Play Store, native Linux games that were ported by developers, and emulated games using RetroArch, many modern games are not yet capable of running natively on the ARM platform. However, NVIDIA publishes a software package that allows streaming of high-end games across a network, allowing ODROIDs to work as a remote gaming station. This gives the flexibility of running a central gaming server at home and playing high-end games anywhere in the house on a large monitor.

We also feature a few DIY projects this month, including an IoT project from Miltiadis that raises a flag when an email arrives. Adrian shows us how to set up an IP webcam, Joel gives an overview of his industrial automation setup, and Bo documents his quest in finding the best cooling setup for an ODROID-XU4. If you want to have complete control over your operating system, we have instructions for compiling both Gentoo and Android Lollipop. We also have some game reviews for our favorite Android and Linux games, including some ports that were recently updated by Tobias for the ODROID-C2.

Table of Contents

6 Gmail Mechanical Notifier: An ODROID IoT Device and Application

12 Transforming Your ODROID Into an IP Webcam

18 ODROID-XU4 Cooling Tests: Discover the Best Cooling For Your Needs

19 Ultimate Briefcase: Get Ready to Rumble In a Frantic Survival Game

20 Industrial Automation: Remote Monitor Modbus Register Using an ODROID-XU4

22 NVIDIA Game Streaming On the ODROID-C2: Play Modern Games On Your ODROID

24 Linux Gaming: Some Great Games for the ODROID-C2

26 Compiling Android Lollipop for the ODROID-C2: Using Linux Mint 18 or Ubuntu 16.04

26 Android Gaming: Reaper, Tale of a Pale Swordsman

29 Gentoo for the ODROID-C2: Creating Your Own Custom Installation

32 Meet an ODROIDian: Sebastien Chevalier (@ptitseb), GLShim Developer