August 2016


The oCam peripheral, which is a high-end 720p camera made specifically for use with ODROID devices, will soon have a new version available, with the main feature being a global shutter instead of a rolling shutter. This allows you to take more professional pictures without distortion. Our feature article this month demonstrates the difference between the shutter types so that you can decide which will work best for your application. There is also a new power supply available for the ODROID-XU4 which delivers much more power to the peripherals. It’s available for purchase at

Volumio also has an upcoming release with many improvements, and we are lucky enough to have a sneak peek at its new features. Adrian continues his series on improving wireless network security with the first of a two-part article on WPA hacking, Nanik details the Android Hardware Abstraction Layer, Nicolas gives an overview of Recalbox, which turns your ODROID-XU4 into a great set-top box, and Michael presents his fantastic high performance coputing cluster. Additionally, we highlight several games for both Android and Linux, including the Löve Engine, which lets you create your own games!

Table of Contents

6 Why Does The Pencil Look Bent? The Behavior of Different Types of Camera Shutters

10 Android Development: Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

12 The Matrix: It Will Always Be Cool

13 Linux Gaming: Spread Some Löve (Engine)

15 Hardkernel 5V/6A Power Supply: A High Quality Stable and Low-Noise Power Supply for the ODROID-XU4

16 Taking a Crack at Breaking WPA Networks – Part 1: Bulletproofing Your Own System

20 Recalbox for ODROID-XU4: The Ultimate Multimedia And Gaming System

22 ODROID-XU4 Cluster: The Holy Grail of Core Per Watt vs Performance vs Price

24 Xposed Framework: Tame Your Android Upgrades and Handle System Level Changes

25 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: A Fantastic Game Finally Ported to Android

26 Volumio 2.0: Your Favorite Integrated Music Player Just Got Better

27 That Level Again: Where All Levels Are The Same Except The Way To Win

28 Meet An ODROIDian: Joshua Sherman, Assistant Editor of ODROID Magazine