July 2016


One of the most often-requested applications for ODROIDs is the Minecraft client. Any ODROID model can run the Minecraft server, especially the optimized Spigot version. However, only the Pocket Edition Minecraft client for Android is available for those who wish to explore the Minecraft universe. Now, thanks to the combined efforts of @ptitseb and @meveric, Minecraft runs on ARM Linux. It’s easy to set up using GLShim, so just follow the instructions in our feature article and start mining!

Along with Minecraft, we also present Easy RPG, which lets you write your own role-playing games in LUA, along with Witch Blast, a fun dungeon crawler, and an inexpensive way to build a 64-bit ODROID touchscreen tablet using the VU7 kit from Ameridroid. Miltos teaches us how to install the Mate desktop, David introduces his method of calculating particle hydrodynamics using an ODROID-U3, Daniel details the steps necessary for creating a Network Attached Storage with an ODROID-C2, Adrian continues his series on network security by exposing the weaknesses of a WPS-enabled network, and our camera expert @withrobot covers the basics of face detection using an oCAM.

Table of Contents

6 Building an Arch Linux Image with Mate Desktop – Part 1

10 Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics: Scientific Calculations Using a Small ODROID Cluster

18 EasyRPG: An RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 Engine

19 Witch Blast: A Really Addictive Dungeon Crawl Shooter

20 Minecraft Client on ODROID

22 An Energy-Efficient, Maximum Performance Gigabit NAS: Using an ODROID-C2 and 128GB eMMC

24 VU7 Tablet: Build Your Own Custom 64-Bit Modular Tablet

26 Attacking WPS-Enabled Wireless Networks

30 Face Detection Using OCAM and ODROID-XU4: How To Recognize Human Features

32 Meet an ODROIDian: Jörg Wolff