June 2016


ODROIDs are the wave of the future, and this month’s feature article highlights something that will probably be common in every household soon: a touchscreen table! Built with a large touch-activated monitor on a tilt base, it allows a high degree of interactivity with a media device that combines the intuitive interface of a tablet with the large media format of a flat screen TV. Steven walks us through creating one from scratch with an ODROID-XU4.

Adrian also continues his popular security series with a focus on WEP Security, Jussi makes Java installation easier with pre-built scripts, and Marian shares his project for monitoring a napping baby. For the gamer in all of us, Tobias reviews several strategy games available for the ODROID platform, and Jeremy introduces a new website that showcases his software ports.

Now that the oCAM has been available for several months, ODROIDians have been using it in some fantastic projects. Brian teaches us how to calibrate the camera properly, and Jerome details an easy weekend project for setting up a low-cost security system.

Table of Contents

6 Security Camera: A Great Weekend Project

10 Java Installation Script for Developers: The Perfect Fix For All of Your Cup of Java Needs

19 Camera Calibration Using OCAM and ODROID-XU4: A Technical Tutorial

29 Baby NAP (Night Activity Program): Part 2 – Software Components

36 BASH Script Command Center Minecraft Edition: Useful Scripts for Creating and Managing a Minecraft Server

37 Cartridge Ports: Download Top-Notch Software for Your ODROID

38 Linux Gaming: Strategy Games on the ODROID – Part 2

42 The Impulse T2: An ODROID-XU4 Tilt Touch Table

44 Compiling Synergy for ODROID: Chronicles of a Mad Scientist

47 Samba Server: Setting Up a RAID Array

49 Breaking WEP Security: A Guide to Cracking the Simplest Wireless Encryption

54 Meet an ODROIDian: Andrew Ruggeri, Assistant Editor of ODROID Magazine