May 2016


Our theme this month is Internet security and anonymity. The Deep Web is a large portion of the Internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines, and requires a special browser called Tor in order to access it. Tor provides a secure browsing experience by giving users access to special relays that provide secure entrance and exit from the Deep Web network. As David describes in his article, an ODROID can be used to set up an inexpensive TOR relay in order to provide anonymous browsing services.

Because so much financial information is transferred via the World Wide Web, it’s important to maintain a secure local network. A common technique for maliciously monitoring router traffic is wireless injection, and Adrian details ways to protect a network using Kali Linux, a powerful penetration testing suite. Tobias also takes a closer look at the Atari Jaguar, Nanik details the Android Support Library for maintaining code compatibility with previous Android versions, and Marian shows us how to monitor a baby’s nap remotely. Our DIY projects this month include installing Cherry Music, building a Car PC, and creating augmented reality with an oCAM.

Table of Contents

6 Turning Your ODROID Into a Tor Relay: Protecting Freedom One ODROID at a Time

9 ODROID Production: A Retrospective from HardKernel’s Early Years

10 CherryMusic: Your Own Private Music Stream

12 Wireless Injection: A Hands-On Approach to Learning 802.11

19 Augmented Reality: Using the OCam and ODROID-XU4

22 Linux Gaming: Atari Jaguar on ODROID-XU3/XU4

28 Android Development: Android Support Library

31 Battle for the Solar System: Pandoran War – A Fun 2D Mission-Based Space Shooter

32 Baby NAP (Night Activity Program): Part 1 – Hardware Configuration

36 Make Your Own Smart Car With the ODROID-XU4: Bring New Functionality To Your Vehicle

40 Meet an ODROIDian: Miltiadis Melissas