April 2016


OpenCV is a popular software application that can be used in cooperation with a digital camera in order to analyze visual input and make decisions based on what the computer interprets from the video image. Hardkernel recently released the oCAM module, which is an inexpensive way to create a visual processing system that responds to its environment. This month, DongHyun Yoo demonstrates a simple OpenCV application that can be used for object tracking with an ODROID-XU4.

Several forum users recently designed retro gaming consoles built around ODROIDs in order to recreate their first gaming experiences, and have shared the designs with the community. We also present some great games, including Awkaster, a terminal-based 3D first-person shooter, Cut the Rope 2, where you solve puzzles in order to feed candy to a cute monster, Re-Volt, a fun racing game, and XMage, a client/server package for Magic: The Gathering. Venkat continues his technical series with a multiscope project, and Adrian shows us how to perform network penetration testing using Kismet.

Table of Contents

6 Wooden Game Cabinet: For Retro Fans

11 Android Development: Build Your Own Android SDK

15 Unicorn: CPU Instruction Emulation for ARM

15 Awkaster: Retrotastic Terminal Based FPS Gaming

16 Linux Gaming: An ODROID-W Housed in a Gameboy Advance SP Case

18 Versatile Multiscope: An Oscilloscope Project For Your Home

20 XMage: An Online Magic: The Gathering Free-For-All

22 Object Tracking Using OCam and ODROID-XU4: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

24 Linux Gaming: RVGL – Re-Volt on OpenGL

26 Cut The Rope 2: Help Nom-Nom Get His Candy

27 Kismet: Wireless Network Monitoring

32 Meet an ODROIDian: Adrian Popa (@mad_ady), Premiere SBC Enthusiast