March 2016


The long-awaited 64-bit ODROID-C2 is finally here! Featuring 4K video, 2GB RAM, Gigabit ethernet, and a powerful S905 Amlogic processor, it offers cutting-edge power at a reasonable cost. It’s available for $40 USD from the Hardkernel store at To learn more about the C2, and to download pre-built operating systems such as Android and Ubuntu, visit the new ODROID-C2 wiki page at One of the exciting new peripherals available for the ODROID-C2 is the oCAM, an advanced USB 3.0 camera that can be used in OpenCV projects. DoYoon Kim details how to easily set up a simple hand tracking and surveillance system using open source software.

The popular ODROID-C0 can be used in conjunction with MQTT to create IoT devices, as shown by Venkat in his latest hardware tinkering article. Tobias continues his gaming series with Half-Life, Andrew shows us how to use a real-time kernel to optimize your application’s efficiency, Christopher presents a project on adding a backlight to the ODROID-VU7 display, Adrian helps us enhance our Linux terminal using Byobu, and Justin delves into Exagear to run Window programs on your ODROID.

Table of Contents

6 ODROID-VU7 Backlight: Adding a Digital Control System

8 Super Eyes: Hand Tracking and Surveillance with the OCam

11 ShowMeStuff: A Smart Kiosk System for Your ODROID-SHOW

12 Byobu: Your Linux Terminal on Steroids

15 Half-Life: Black Mesa Has Come to the ODROID Platform

16 Exagear: Get More From Your ODROID with TeamViewer, Spotify and Skype

19 Using ZRAM: Memory Expansion through Compression

21 MQTT Basics: IoT Made Easy

23 ODROID-C2: 64-Bit Low-Cost Powerhouse

25 Real Time Linux Kernel: The ODROID-C0’s Best Friend

27 Toner Reset: Extending the Life of Your Laser Printer Cartridges

29 Meet an ODROIDian: Christopher Dean (@TPimp), Accomplished QT5 Developer and Hardware Virtuoso