February 2016


Many ODROID users loved the ODROID-W, which was discontinued in 2014. Since then, many requests were made for a similar IoT computer that could be used for industrial applications, wearables, and anything that required a minimal hardware footprint and low power consumption. Hardkernel has responded with the ODROID-C0, which has the computing power of the popular ODROID-C1 with some of the interfaces removed, so that users can build the perfect device to exactly fit their needs. An example application of the ODROID-C0 is the OWEN compact robot, designed by Bo at Ameridroid, that can walk, dance, and show facial expressions via a web interface. The ODROID-C0 is available at http://bit.ly/1WFYKOL for USD$25.

Did you know that you can run Windows 2000 on an ODROID? Tobias shows us how to install it using QEMU, so that you can run your favorite Windows programs and games! Josh introduces us to the Android alternative called Cyanogenmod, Ilham helps us stay safe with a robust fire detection kit, Nanik demystifies the Android Bluetooth stack, Adrian explains how to use Munin, and David details the iSCSI protocol for LVM.

Table of Contents

6 Internet Small Computer System Interface: iSCSI Made Simple

8 A Look at Cyanogenmod: Getting Started with a Clean, Lightweight Flavor of Android

9 Overscan Fix in Ubuntu for ODROID-C1/C1+: Synchronize Your ODROID With Your Monitor

10 Fire Detection for Surveillance Cameras: Taming Fire With a Webcam and an ODROID

13 Linux Gaming: Running Windows 2000 Games on an ODROID

18 ODROID-C0: A Compact Board for Portable and Lightweight Applications

20 ODROID-XU4 User Manual: A Guide For All Expertise Levels

21 OS Spotlight: Odrobian Retrogaming Arcade (ORGA) For ODROID-C1/C1+

24 Munin: An Open Source Performance Analyzer

28 The OWEN Robot Kit: A Sample Project For the New ODROID-C0

31 Android Development: Accessing the Bluetooth Stack

33 Meet an ODROIDian: David Lima, Quintessential Enterprise Storage Expert and System Administrator