January 2016


ODROID Magazine is celebrating the beginning of its third year! All of our contributors constantly amaze us with their innovations. Each month, our regular columnists like Tobias, Venkat and Nanik write fantastic in-depth tutorials and reviews that help our readers find new ways to work with and enjoy their ODROIDs. We look forward to continuing to produce the best magazine that we can. I hope that the worldwide ODROID community continues to send us great and fascinating articles, since that’s what really makes our publication thrive.

This month, we present the new Universal Motion Joypad to make driving games more fun. Tobias offers a set of strategy games that are sure to keep you entertained, and we highlight a few innovative operating systems such as Tizen, Lakka, Debian Jessie Server, and Android Marshmallow. We also showcase a modern aluminum case for the ODROID-XU4, teach you how to throttle your CPU to reduce fan noise, detail the steps for compiling a kernel, and introduce a convenient way to install a new single or dual-boot operating system. Don’t forget to check out our new website at http://magazine.odroid.com, now featuring a searchable master article list.

Table of Contents

6 Thinly-Provisioned Logical Volumes: The Ability to Dynamically Allocate Capacity

8 Debian Jessie for ODROID-XU4: A Minimal Server Image

10 Linux Kernel Compilation: How to Customize Your Operating System

13 Universal Image Installer

14 CPU and Fan Control: Tame Your XU3 and XU4 Heat Output When You Don’t Need Full Octa-Core Power

15 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base

16 ODROID Magazine Website: A New Design For Our Third Year

17 Android 6.0 Marshmallow for ODROID-XU4: The Newest Android For Your Newest ODROID

18 Universal Motion Joypad: Are You Ready to Drive a Race Car?

21 Respect Your Coworker’s Job: Please, Don’t Touch Anything Shows That Ignorance Is Blissful Fun

22 Lakka for ODROID-XU4: The Ultimate Gaming System

23 Linux Gaming: Strategy Games on the ODROID – Part 1

28 ODROID-XU4 Case: A Sleek, Modern and Silent Enclosure

30 OS Spotlight: Tizen for ODROID-XU4

35 Meet an ODROIDian: Georg Mill, Innovative and Creative Hardware Maker