December 2015


The day has finally come when robots are completely replacing humans, at least on the soccer field! Meet Faro, the robotic ODROID-powered goalkeeper, part of a team of advanced humanoid robots that belong to the Robocup Foundation, whose goal is to eventually defeat a World Cup level human soccer team. Using an ODROID-C1, the Gadjah Mada Robotic Team has developed algorithms that work with a camera, compass, and gyroscopic sensors to predict where the ball will be traveling in real-time and prevent a goal from being scored.

We also celebrate the release of Fallout 4 with a review by Tobias of the original Fallout game. Zelda fans can enjoy some fan-made games using Solarus, and emerging rock stars can practice their riffs using Frets on Fire, an open-source Guitar Hero clone. Jon presents a tutorial on using the GPIO ports to read from an external sensor, David continues his series on Logical Volume Management, Andrew presents a guide to Gradle and the Android NDK, Adrian gives an overview of Linux Containers, and Hardkernel gives us a peek inside their new offices.

Table of Contents

6 Logical Volume Management: Beyond Barriers with LVM

8 New Hardkernel Offices: A Quick Tour of the Headquarters

10 Linux Containers: Quickly Prepare a Fully Configured Isolated System for Testing

18 Faro: The Humanoid Goalkeeper Robot

20 Using Android NDK in Android Studio and Gradle: Working with WiringPi in Android

23 Frets on Fire: Release Your Inner Rock Star

22 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base

23 LFTP and CRON: Server Syncing Made Easy

24 ODROID-XU4 Multi-boot Scripts: The Easy Way

26 Linux Gaming: Fallout – A Post-Nuclear Role Playing Game

30 Reading Temperature and Humidity From an SHT15 Sensor: An Introduction to the GPIO Interface

33 Android Gaming: Five Nights at Freddy’s – Jump Scares and Creepy Toys

34 Fan-Made Zelda Games: Your Favorite Fantasy World Expands

37 ODROID-C1+ OTG Jumper: Solderless USB Power

38 Android Development: Inside the System Server

40 Meet an ODROIDian: Saleem Almajed (@Xeosal), Emerging Technology Expert and Avid Musician

41 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base