November 2015


High fidelity audio reproduction has traditionally implied spending a lot of money, but Hardkernel’s new HiFi-Shield (USD $39 at makes it very cost-effective to turn your ODROID-C1+ into a professional quality music player. When used with software such as RuneAudio or Volumio, it’s perfect as the center of an integrated home audio system that can be managed from a single touchscreen device. A C1+, when paired with the 7” HDMI touchscreen (USD $55 at and the custom RuneAudio image becomes a complete, affordable home audio system.

This month, we concentrate on system and hardware administration. Uli gives an overview of the ARM bootloader called Das U-Boot, David continues his series on Logical Volume Management, Andrew covers techniques for using LFTP and CRON to automate backups, Pascal makes it easy to prevent spam from overwhelming your mailbox, Andy presents a Cloudshell personal server project, and Adrian teaches us how to transcode videos using Handbrake. For the fun side of ODROIDs, Tobias introduces us to GLShim, which allows a wide variety of games to run on the ODROID platform.

Table of Contents

6 Get More Out of Das U-Boot: Inside the ODROID Boot Loader

15 Gigalomania: Practice the Art of War

15 USB Cleaning: A Quick and Easy Fix for Disabled USB Ports

16 Logical Volume Management: Manipulating Volume Groups

17 Touchscreen At Its Best: Tiki Taka Soccer is the Perfect Game for Every Touchscreen User

18 Linux Gaming: OpenGL Compatibility Using GLShim

22 Community Wiki: Contribute to the Expanding ODROID Knowledge Base

23 LFTP and CRON: Server Syncing Made Easy

27 Build a Customized Spam Filter: Regain Control Over Your Inbox

30 HiFi-Shield for the ODROID-C1+: Make Your ODROID Sound Great

32 Gently Release the Handbrake: Transcode Videos to Any Format

34 CloudShell With an ODROID-XU4 as a Home Server: An All-In-One Personal Cloud Device

37 Cute but Challenging: Dungeon Boss is a Superb Fit for the Casual Player

38 RuneAudio Music Player: Build Your Own Professional Quality Home Audio Kiosk

43 7-Inch HDMI Multi-Touch Screen for the ODROID-C1+: An Affordable Interactive Portable Monitor

46 Meet an ODROIDian: Manuel Adamuz, ODROID Magazine Spanish Editor